Last Sunday…

Just an awesome report ( and an awesome performance, as well)

Aly Dixon

A week on and last Sunday still feels quite surreal.

I went into the race knowing I was in great shape, probably the best shape I’ve ever been in. The Saturday before I’d done my usual final 5k track tempo and it was 43 seconds faster then pre VLM. So I knew I was in very good shape.

A 2pm start time was totally different to what I’m usually used to for a marathon but food etc was adjusted accordingly. I’d decided it would be best to split my breakfast so that I didn’t over eat but also didn’t leave myself hungry waiting until 10.30 to eat breakfast. I saw Alex the physio to get my stiff ankle mobilised at 8am then headed down for some banana on toast and a coffee at 8.30 before having my Porridge and another coffee at 10.30.

The race start and finish were on…

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Rosie’s #BookReview Team #RBRT The Former Chief Executive by @k8vane #TuesdayBookBlog

Rosie Amber

Today’s team review is from Alison, she blogs here

#RBRT Review Team

Alison has been reading The Former Chief Executive by Kate Vane


Deborah’s vision of her retirement – to spend her days finally relaxing with her husband Peter after a long career – has had to be re-imagined. Peter has died, and she is alone, struggling to know what to do with her time and how to live without him, and without the career that defined her.

Luca is also struggling – struggling with life after prison, a new job, a pregnant girlfriend. He finds solace in working on Deborah’s garden and the two develop a friendship.

But the arrival of Deborah’s daughter complicates things as their problematic relationship is put under new pressure. And Deborah also has to contend with her past, and the fear that it will come back to ruin the present.

This is a thoughtful book…

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Mystery Mondays: Bebe Bollinger Murder Mystery call for Beta Readers


Dear all eurovision2013ireland

it’s been somewhat quiet on writerchristophfischer during the last few weeks. I had my head buried deep in the writing and re-writing of my next murder mystery:

“Over My Dead Body – Murder at Eurovision (Bebe Bollinger Murder Mystery 2)”

I feel I have rounded the story up enough to offer the book to beta readers, that is test readers who give a first opinion on the novel. 
That can be a short paragraph with what they liked and didn’t like, or more involved, naming scenes and characters that didn’t work for them, plot holes, stylistic critique, praise for what they liked most and what should feature more etc.

Beta reading is an art. I’m not very good at it, admittedly, as I get easily carried away if I like a book and then I miss plot holes or stylistic short comings that are obvious to others.

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Ausone’s Notebook, Final edition

Ausone just head sideways

Hello humans. I was silent for some time. And I do think that my readers deserve to know why.

The day after my last outing my humans (the female human to be precise) decided that they will separate. As my favourite human doesn’t have adequate shelter to take care of me. He took the decision, with Milady’s consent, that Milady will take care of me. For the time being. Which means most probably for the rest of my life. Chances that I do see my favourite human again are somewhere between very slim and inexistant.

I want to thank you all for following my rantings for more than a year. I’m truely sorry that it ends. But all good things most come to an end.

I will miss ranting and my readers. But most of all I will miss my favourite human. Thank you all again. Maybe we’ll meet again in the afterlife.

It’s been a pleasure

I’m heartbroken.

Good bye

Yours affectionately