Last Thursday it finally happened. Milady and myself were watching the last instalment of James Bond. Spectre.

Due to certain well known events it wasn’t possible before. There is only one cinema I know of that’s close enough to watch a film on Thursday evening.  And where you could watch the film in VO. English films dubbed in French are just plain horrible.

So, we watched the fourth time Daniel Craig as James Bond. Unfortunately even two days after I still don’t know if I liked it or not.

I have all the other films and have all the books from Ian Fleming about Bond. Read all, loved all. Even ‘On her majesty’s secret service’. If I have to make a list of my favourite Bond actors. Daniel Craig would be a very close second to Sean Connery. Can’t help it when I read the books I see Connery and not another.

Besides the usual flaws:

-the bad guy catching Bond and instead of just killing him. He explains all his plans. Uses a sophisticated machine in order to kill him. Miraculously Bond is saved in the last second

-several guys with sub-machine guns shooting at Bond. No hit. Bond just kills each one of them with a single shot.

– more than two hours thirty minutes is just too long

-every time the car chases. We’ve seen them already. It’s good, no need for another edition

– The song is a question of taste, I don’t like it. Milady loves it.

The film is a nice piece of entertainment.

A less puzzling story than in ‘Quantum of Solace’. A believable bad guy (Christoph Waltz). An acceptable amount of playing time for the ‘Bond girl’. Craig plays a convincing Bond. I would have preferred a bit more M. Q is just good, stealing the jokes from Bond.

But there is something just not right. And I still don’t know what ?

Daniel Craig mentioned in an interview they would have to pay him a big amount of money before he will return in another film. He’s already Co-producer in this one. How many could they pay him to reappear ? The film ties some knots. If you want to you could say the story is told, no need for another. I cannot imagine that the money making franchise Bond will stop with this film.

There may still be some unused ideas in Ian Fleming’s books. But would it be necessary ?

OK, they did it for ‘Star wars’. Story was told, no need for another. But money makes the world go round. I recently heard that Spielberg wants to make another Indiana Jones.  Before Harrison Ford turns eighty.

I sincerely hope this was nothing but a joke.