Part 3 Zazenshin: Acupuncture Needle of Zazen, by Shohaku Okumura

3rd lecture on Zazen and Dogen-Zenji by Shohaku Okumura. …Polishing a tile

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This is the third part of a commentary on the Shobogenzo: Zazenshin by Reverend Okumura. In Part I he explained that `zazen is an acupuncture needle to heal the sickness caused by the three poisonous states of mind.’ The second instalment went into his experiences in relationship to that teaching, and this instalment is the story of Nangaku polishing the tile. Click here to read part one and two of Zazenshin.

Nangaku’s Polishing a Tile

Baso Tile[Dogen Zenji comments on the story about Nangaku (Nanyue Huairang 677-744) and Baso (Mazu Dao-I 709-88). Nangaku Ejo was a disciple of the Sixth Ancestor, Daikan Eno (Dajian Huineng 638-713).]

Baso Doitsu was a great Zen master in Tang Dynasty China. It is said that he had more than eighty Dharma heirs.

This story about Nangaku is interesting and important. Dogen Zenji did not initially introduced it in its entirety in the Shobogenzo…

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What to do when Anger gets hot

From the ongoing story of sites and platforms that don’t like to be reblogged.

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You can’t but Spiritualism or Meditation

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