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Good morning Humans. Monday morning and I hope everything’s fine with you all.

It’s hot, even very hot. And it should, according to the forecast, be like that for the week. Complaining about the weather doesn’t make sense. But it could teach you something. When you’re complaining about the weather it changes nothing. But you may feel better. It’s all about your perception. If you tell yourself it’s too hot to…It’s too hot to. If you tell yourself it’s hot but…. It’s your perception. Nothing but. Just accept it as it is and go on.

Enough with this senseless bubbling.

Something “more serious”. Last week I had the audacity to ask my readers “what do you want me to talk (complain) about?” I had the overwhelming feedback of ONE reply. Which I’m very, very grateful for. But….just one reply could mean.

No one’s really interested what I’m grumbling about. It could mean talk about whatever you want. We take whatever you deliver. Or it could mean that my readers are not courageous enough to speak their mind. Let’s forget the last point immediately. It’s just impossible. Point one, is kind of saddening but possible.

Which leaves us with point TWO. I’ll do this, exactly this because I’m a CAT.

According to one of my favourite readers. All of my readers are my favourite readers but some are more favourite than others. That’s just life.

I should talk less about politics.

Cause it’s too complicated. Hunting mice or pigeons isn’t an easy task either. But we’ll try nevertheless. Educating our humans is certainly not an easy task. We never stop trying.

So, I should talk less about politics. It’s complicated. Politics change every day. Hunting is basically the same day in day out. Politics gives you something to ramble about. Nearly every day. Yes, even in boiling hot summer. Human follies never stop.

Do I want to talk that much about politics?

Please, dear readers, believe me I would prefer to talk about:

  • pretty flowers in bloom
  • beautiful wild animals in the garden
  • flying butterflies
  • singing birds
  • the beauty of nature in general
  • my pet topic, cat food flavours (I’m still not fishing for tuna)

just composing this short list is boring as hell.

Yes, the life of a cat. Of an adult cat, you may even call me a nearly retired cat. Is in general boring as hell. There isn’t much to talk about. Not many interesting things. And I like it that way. Thus I’m talking about politics. To have something to talk about. That maybe the cherished people, mostly humans, will read. And as unfortunately as it may be, humans are in general more interested in politics than they are interested in blooming flowers.

You just have to listen to the news in the morning. Already the order in which the news are presented could give you something to ramble about.

But it’s much too hot today to ramble. Yes even early in the morning. We’ll find a nice place in the shade. Somewhere under the hedges. And we will meditate about human follies. Why my favourite human is trying to get more readers for his blog.

He must be completely insane.

As it was already too hot this weekend for Milady to take some pics of me. Today’s picture is one from the stock.

Ausone just sitting june 2017

See you next week


Ausone (yes, I know, I’m boring!)

Ausone’s notebook instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Good morning, Humans.
Monday morning, the annoying cat is back.
Last week, my favourite human, had a small conversation with the human who takes care of Kitteny. Result: I should take less about politics and more about cat stuff. Which is certainly not an easy task. Especially at the moment, UK elections. Elections in France. Let’s not forget this guy in the USA. A lot of interesting stuff. But if my readers (sounds awesome) want me to talk less about politics. Who am I not to respect their wishes? Luckily, only less politics. And not no politics at all. Would be hard and most important quite boring. For me that is.
So, what is or was going on in cat land last week? Nothing worth putting on paper. Just normal living when it’s too hot to move. It’s not so boiling hot that you can’t move at all. It’s just too warm to …. Too warm to what? Hunting? Either it’s too hot or I’m just too old by now. Don’t forget in human counting I’m 14 years old. According to one web site (that my human found This equals to 71 years for a human. Let that sink in.
I’m 71 years old in human terms. Doesn’t this give me the right to be as grumpy as I want to be? The right to spend my whole day lying in the shade meditating about human follies? Which does include politics. I could once again talk about my pet theme. Cat food. I’m still not finishing for tuna. There is still no mouse flavoured cat food. Small bird flavoured? Nope.
So, talking about educating the neighbour’s cat? Educating is too much said. I just le him accompany me whenever he wants, let him see what I’m doing.
I could ask my readers, what do you, dear readers, want me to talk about? If I’m not completely wrong I’ve already tried. Let’s just say humans you aren’t very helpful. I’m not complaining I’m just stating the facts. Just tell me what you want me to talk about. I’ll do my very best. Promise.
And now politics.
Last week, there were elections in the UK. Why? That’s quite a complicated question. The acting PM wasn’t elected. And she has a complicated task at hand. She might have felt the need to get…to get what? Support? A proper mandate? Sorry, didn’t work. And now what, The last rumours are she’s trying to make a coalition with a party from Northern Ireland. Quite a strange party. Just as an example. This party is against homosexuality, against Catholics, against abortion. They don’t believe in climate change etc. . There was even something, somewhere on the web. That some members of this party believe that this planet is not very old. Something about 4000 years. You have to be quite desperate wanting to form a coalition with a party like that.
Hey, but we have to see the good news too. Apparently the president elect of the US has, at least, shifted his announced state visit to the UK until further notice. He was or is afraid that there are too many demonstrations against him. Thank you, UK. Would be quite complicated in Germany or Belgium. There’s a Gsomething summit in July that he will attend. And in Belgium there are the NATO Europe headquarters. So, unfortunately, you can’t avoid him there. But you can always hope.
So, Kitteny you see I tried. It’s complicated, but at least I tried. I even asked my readers (sounds still awesome) to let me know what they want me to brag about. I’m ready and willing. Can’t do more than ask.
Today’s photo is from the stock, recent but nevertheless from the stock. Taken, as usual, by the preferred photographer.
Ausone early morning 2
See you next week

Ausone’s notebook instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Good morning, Humans. It’s again one of these complicated mornings. I would so love to talk about something nice, cosy. That life is perfect as it is at the moment. Life is always perfect because it just is. But that’s not the point. The point is humans. And the question: WHY? Big question, I know.

Why what? You may ask? There are soo many whys. Why do humans do such horrible things like they did in the last couple of days. Why do so-called presidents have nothing other to do than instead of giving their support to the people of, in this case, London again. Have to brag about the mayor of London. Have to send idiotic tweets about gun laws. Just to cite something in the mother tongue of my favourite human. ‘Was meinen Sie, als Unbeteiligter, zum Thema Intelligenz.” This one is directed to the so-called POTUS. The guy who claimed that we have to stop the political correctness. Who’s we by the way? The behaviour that was expected from someone in his position was and still is called ‘Common human decency’. Something I’m quite sure he doesn’t even have the faintest idea what this may mean.

I would have loved to rant about the fact that this guy stopped the participation of the US in the ‘Paris agreement on climate’. Again something I don’t really get. I always have to hear my human citing something latin ‘Pacta sunt servanda’ The US signed the Paris agreement! Why and for which f…ing reason did this guy cancel the participation of the US. He calls himself a successful business man. Honouring signed contracts? Isn’t apparently a feature of a successful business man. Will the leaving of the US from this agreement change something. It sure does. For reasons I still don’t get. Emerging countries still do see the US as something like a role model. A role model for what? Over sized cars on the streets? TV constantly interrupted by commercials? You name something that’s not really good in today’s society and you can be quite sure that it happened at first in the US. Humans are getting larger and larger? Hire and fire? My way or the highway? Greed is good?

And then, all this bragging because of something that happened in London. Horrible and idiotic as it is. But this isn’t the only horrible thing that’s happening on this planet.

There was/are several incidents in Asia. An, at first terrorist, killed many people in a casino. More people than in the three attacks in the UK combined. At the moment it looks more like it wasn’t a terrorist. A former government employee highly indebted and a robbery that went horribly wrong. There is still something like a war going on in Syria. An American (right wing) insulted two Muslim looking ladies on a bus. 3 dead.

Why can’t humans just stop? What’s so complicated with live AND let live? Why do humans think I’m right and you’re wrong and therefore I am allowed to kill you? Why do people on social media think they HAVE to comment everything? Even if they don’t have the faintest idea what’s going on.

And then, why calling these incidents ‘terrorist attack’? Why not call it what it is. Several idiots killed several innocents. Every time an incident happens, on the Belgian radio you have to hear. Supposed terrorist attack not yet claimed by IS. It’s a crime nothing but a crime. Why do humans (or at least the media) have to loo for a ‘higher authority’ to blame for. If IS claims that it was in their name under their order where’s the difference? Several idiots killed several innocents.

Humans I’m sick of it. So sick of it. My thoughts are with the victims, all of them!

Photo as usual made by the preferred photographer.

Ausone looking pissed

See you next week

Pissed beyond belief!


Ausone’s notebook instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Good morning, Humans. Monday morning, here I am. Creature of habit. Get used to it (or not, your decision).
It’s always complicated. Deciding what to talk about. Politics or as I prefer to name it human follies squared. We will keep the politics part as short as possible today cause there is or was something more animal related. We’ll come to that after the politics part.
Last week the so-called POTUS was on his first international visit. It was called “holy trip”. He was visiting some sacred places. Something like the centres of the three monotheistic religions. Although already the first one wasn’t exactly matching. He was in Saudi-Arabia. But in the capital and not in Mecca. Jerusalem and Rome ok. What did he do in Saudi Arabia? Selling arms. Makes you think a bit. What’s the difference between a politician selling arms and a “criminal” selling arms? The price? The rules that they’ve made up to calm their conscience? I know via my favourite human that Germany is not allowed to sell arms to conflict zones. It’s simply against the law. As usual politicians always find a way around the existing laws. For example. I guess you can say that the area around the western border of the Mediterranean Sea. Is a constant conflict zone. They’re just not stopping there, since shortly after the Second World War it’s going on and on. Much too complicated for my cat brain to understand all the reasons. Germany was allowed to sell submarines to Israel. You can’t explain that either. The POTUS sold arms to Saudi Arabia. I’ve no idea if there is an American law against selling arms to conflict zones. But Saudi Arabia is heavily involved in bombing Yemen. There would be other reason. Like for instance, there was this terror attack on the Twin Towers in New York. 14 terrorists, one from Egypt, one from I don’t know and 12 from Saudi Arabia. That the US were afterwards attacking Afghanistan, you have to find your own reason for that.
There was at least one thing that was very, very interesting about this trip. As it was over, the German chancellor claimed in a speech for the upcoming elections in Germany. That: Europe can no longer rely on the US and Britain to take care of their security. They have to do it themselves. If I would only trust a politician.
There was, to finish this topic, an image that speaks more than words. The trip finished with a G7 summit in Sicily. All those politicians were visiting an ancient theatre. Their way back, 6 of them were walking. One followed them in a golf cart.
Enough with politics for today.
Cats and other animals. It’s hot. So, Humans take care of your animals. Provide them water, fresh water. A lot of. Don’t make them stay in your cars. It’s like a hot oven. Just don’t.
The turtles here went AWOL for some time. Luckily they are both back now. Just remember nature always finds a way. They spent the day in the park that the rabbit uses when outdoors. Although the park was ‘kind of’ secured. Fixed to the ground. They found a way of lifting the barrier and escaping. The big one was found the next morning, strolling ij the garden. The smaller one was found another day later by the neighbour in her garden. How he managed to get there? Another miracle.
For today’s picture I have the pleasure of presenting you a better one of…drum roll please. Figaro, socks, chausettes. Picture, as usual, taken by the preferred photographer.
Figaro wrong terrace
See you next week

Ausone’s notebook instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Good morning, humans. Monday morning and the annoying cat is back. Did you miss me?
Let’s start with something positive. The weather will be fine the whole week. And I haven’t spend a single night on the outside last week. That’s positive for my favourite human. According to a conversation I heard he’s sleeping not good when I’m not at home. Do I care? It’s complicated. First I love being outside then I love having the possibility of constant shelter. If I’m still ‘en vadrouille’ later than 10:00pm. I do have the problem that the door is closed and I can’t go in anymore. There would be a solution. But this solution has two major problems. Each of them makes this solution impossible. First the house is a rented one. Installing a cat entrance is therefore quite impossible. Second it would have to be an entrance which could only be used by me and crappy pure bred aka Rashid. The solution would be a flap that will only open if it’s Rashid or me approaching. There is something on the market. BUT… we (Rashid and me) would have to wear a chip. The standard solution would be a collier with a chip. Rashid does wear a collier from time to time. Me? Never. A flap without this restricted entrance? Impossible there are too many cats who may visit the house. The bully, for example. Or even ‘chausettes’.
There is only one other solution. Me being on time. It’s hard sometimes. In general, I’m on time. But only in general. I guess I have to live with it. Sometimes spending a night under the stars. It’s nearly summer there are worse things in life.

At the moment I can spend my afternoons watching my favourite human working on his impossible endeavour. Trying to transform the courtyard into something that looks like a Zen garden. I sincerely hope he knows that it is impossible but exactly this might be what he’s looking for. As I won’t suffer I don’t care.

A bit about the actualities. The guy who’s occupying the office of POTUS is on his first official voyage at the moment. They call it the holy trip. He’s visiting Saudi-Arabia, Israel, Rome and not to forget the holiest of them all Bruxelles. As his predecessor went with his wife to Saudi-Arabia. This guy was complaining that Michelle Obama wasn’t wearing a headscarf. Guess if Trump’s wife was wearing a headscarf? Exactly, she wasn’t. This guy is just a joke. Unfortunately a joke with access to nuclear codes. Last week there was something about the guys working for Trump. They have to use his name as often as possible in the reports they are preparing for him. If they don’t use his name in the reports he won’t read the reports. I’m not sure if the Americans already realize what they have elected as commander in chief. One could only hope that they won’t do THIS again. But then, they did it with GW Bush.

Enough of this, it’s much too nice on the outside.

Milady took some photos of Rashid, me and most important of chausettes. The choice is therefore not a simple one. But I’ve chosen the one of me and Rashid. Enjoy.See you next week

Les gros terrasse


Ausone’s notebook instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Good morning, Humans. It’s Monday morning which means nothing else than: The annoying cat is back.
This morning is a little bit different for 2 reasons. 1. I spent the night on the outside (again) and therefore I have to speed things up. Cause my human would like to publish my 2 cents, my intellectual and literary masterpiece before 11 am. Fortunately, I don’t have to look for a photo. Milady took some over the weekend. But we come to that later. It’s kind of linked to the last part of my masterpiece.
A usual I start with what’s going on. And as usual nothing much. But…there were some things cat related and politics related. So I can ramble on. For those who do not know. “Ramble on” is the name of a Led Zeppelin song. But it has absolutely nothing to do with what I will be talking about this morning.
Let’s start with cat related. There is an abandoned basketball out down the road where I happen to live. And this court is used two, three times a year for some things that I ABSOLUTELY do not like. Two or three times a year there is a CIRCUS visiting. With all the not so pleasant stuff. A lot of noise with their announcement during the week prior to their shows. Then there are the visitors. Which means even more cars than usual in the street. And a lot of noise with their announcements. Fortunately circuses are no longer allowed to show big relatives from Africa or Asia. No lions, no tigers. But they still have other animals. Why a circus is still allowed to use animals at all is well beyond my intellectual capacities? Animals are sentient beings, all animals. And what’s not good for tigers isn’t good or acceptable for lamas either. But they are still allowed to have animals. In this case it were lamas. Who went awol yesterday afternoon. Fortunately nothing happened the lamas stayed in the field behind the house. No additional harm done. To no one.
France elected their new president. Fortunately the banker not the xenophobe right-wing. Might be necessary that the US has a close look at that. Yes, even when you have not much of a choice you’re still not obliged to vote for right wing, misogynist, xenophobes. You can vote for the lesser evil. Even if it’s not the perfect solution.
The Belgian government had a working reunion over the weekend. A1nd it was in a Chateau. Sounds nice. Why they aren’t doing this in the space that they have in Brussels, is beyond me. But money has to be spent. If money is just there it doesn’t move. And money that doesn’t move is not good for the economy. At least so they say. The result of the reunion was the usual stuff, nothing. Just a confirmation what they’ve already decided. Measures against terrorism. Measures that limit personal freedom. Biometric passports. Isn’t one of the reason for the terrorism not the problem that the terrorists have with the western society. The so-called freedom of these societies? And in order to fight against these terrorist. The government is reducing the personal freedom. Exactly what the terrorists want. Just wondering when humans are obliged to wear chips under their skin. To identify and follow them 24/7. Cats already have to wear that in most parts of Europe. Not me, I’ve already a senseless tattoo. There won’t be anything additional, believe me. Rashid has his chip.
Back to cats.
As the weather is getting better and better, the terrace door is in general open the whole day. Just that my human doesn’t have to spend his waking hours doing nothing more than letting cats in and letting cats out. Which means the access is not constantly supervised. Bully could enter to steal my food. Which he does regularly. But there are also other cats who could enter. Like for instance Figaro. Who did it last week. He just came in, visited the house and then spent the whole afternoon in the living room. Yes, he even tasted a bit Rashid’s food. He absolutely did nothing wrong. He just visited. His humans were searching him, but in vain. He just stayed and watched what was going on in the house of his neighbours.
Therefore today’s photo is Figaro, in colour. But on HIS terrace
Figaro terrace
See you next week

Ausone’s notebook instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Good morning, Humans. Monday morning. Cat’s back. The usual problem is a bit different today. Not that I don’t know what to write about. I know what I want to but it may eventually chase away readers. Or not, who knows? In the end I am what I am. And I do what I want. So I write about what I want. Sorry Kitteny politics today.
France elected a new president yesterday. They hadn’t much of a choice. Having listened to the one of my humans who’s allowed to vote. The choice was either voting for pest or voting for cholera. Either a banker (who was never elected for an office) or right wing, xenophobe. It came as no surprise that France voted for the banker. At least they are a bit more intelligent than Americans, yes, even than the British. I’m quite sure the people from the UK won’t like to read that someone’s calling the French more intelligent than them. Just accept it, you have and you will vote Tory. Accept the consequences.
Let’s not forget the world is still suffering from the crisis, the monetary one. Started by whom? Exactly, bankers. In the ‘what’s-in-it-for-me’ countries bankers are already complaining that they are over-regulated. Because they want to create crisis 2.0. For all who are not working in the banking sector. Prepare yourself. They will do it. It is not a question of if, it’s only a question of when.
Before we start being too proud of the French let’s not forget number 2. Something around 40 million people were allowed to vote. The right wing got 36%. In numbers this makes 10 million French who voted right wing, xenophobe! And not all of them did it because they couldn’t vote for a banker. Some of them are really right wing, xenophobe. The newly elect president wants to reunite the French. Good luck with that.
But there is a thing the French can be proud of. And all Europeans should be. This was the third time in a row that the Europeans didn’t elect a right wing. And this is something that gives hope. Something you can and should be proud of. Not in Austria, not in the Netherlands and not in France. Hopefully the Germans will be intelligent in September too. Although I strongly doubt that
Not leaving the EU is kind of a good thing too. Yes, the EU is not what it should be. At the moment it gives the impression of being only for banks and big business. For the economy and not for the people. But, and this is something for the UK, you can’t change a system by leaving. You can only change it from within.
Today’s photo is something that I promised. It’s the ‘baby’ from next door, Together with Rashid in front of the window. In black-and-white taken by the well known preferred photographer. It’s not yet exactly what we want. The small one is fast.
Rashid et Figaro 
See you next week

Ausone’s notebook 83.rd instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Good morning, Humans.

Monday morning, bank holiday. No idea what to tell you this time. Sounds familiar.

Should I be my grumpy self and ramble about the political situation in Europe? The world? The upcoming second round of the French presidential election. As usual the choice between pest and cholera? The choice between the far right and a banker. Or that the German chancellor said that there won’t be any presents for the UK during Brexit negotiations? Or about the possibilities of having a war soon? The famous ‘all options are on the table’. From the guy who asked why the US are not using the arms that they are stocking, nuclear arms this time.

And now you tell me. How could I manage to NOT be grumpy with all of this in the news? And you have to check everything several times, several different sources. You know this fake news thing. Number 1 isn’t fake. There are these two in the second round. Not very easy for the French to decide. Imagine you’re an intelligent human being. So far right, out of the question. Which leaves you with the banker? Good luck with that. Number 2 not fake either, heard the part of an interview with Mrs Merkel. She said it. Maybe not exactly in these words, I paraphrased it a bit to my convenience. Not much to say about this. UK (part of) wants to leave the EU. This will cost something. Every one who believed something else, does probably still believe in Father Christmas. Number 3? OK, with this guy you’ll never know. He’s changing his opinions faster than the weather in Belgium. He’s even capable of sending 2 tweets within minutes contradicting himself. Don’t, NEVER, forget he has the codes to launching a nuclear attack.

What could help?

Ignoring everything? That’s not me. Sorry. So I have to deal with the situation. Result? I’m grumpy. Do I like being grumpy? I’m not being grumpy about being grumpy. I am grumpy or how I prefer to describe it. I give the impression of being a grumpy cat. And if this is the way people see me. Then so be it. I can’t keep my mouth shut if I see the world going down the drain. I have to comment, yes complain. And I’m still convinced the world would be a better place if cats will take the reign. Believe me. We won’t destroy the planet. You? Chances are high.

I’m still hoping that one day I can write a happy go lucky edition. Nothing but positive things. I’m waiting. Hope dies last.


Yup, I have a new photo. Adapted to the situation. Find the cat. Just me, hidden in the sleeping bag, early evening. Still no photo of socks. He’s moving too much. When he’s there ready to be taken on photo. The time the photographer adapts her device to take the shot. He’s already gone. Just a bit of patience, she will get him one day.

Ausone sleeping bag

See you next week



Ausone’s notebook 82.nd instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Good morning, Humans. Let’s start with something kind of important. If you were expecting comments on the French elections? I have to “disappoint you” there won’t be any today. It was just the preliminary round. The important part is played in 2 weeks. Yesterday it was just to know who will compete against the right wing.
With that said, we can now take care of something different. What? If only I would know. But I guess I have an idea. Just for Kitteny. Yes, I will be kind of grumpy again. Complaining.
The media. Or more precise. The news. Even more precise, the choice what’s news worthy. This may be the wrong word. Let’s say what appears in the news.
Let’s start with something slightly different. The weather forecast. Belgian weather forecast is kind of complicated. Northwest of Belgium, region around Antwerp. Kind of flat, close to the sea. Southeast of Belgium, close to the border to Luxembourg, for Belgium quit mountainous. Les Ardennes. The weather forecast is, thus, quite complicated. Windy and flat in the north. Mountains (and forests) in the south. And everything in 250kms. And, unfortunately, they are giving a forecast for the whole of Belgium. Even with a temperature range. Sometimes with a range of more than 10 degrees. Thus this makes sense, Not really.
Now to the news. Yesterday was the first tour of the presidential elections in France. And this was everything you heard in the news. Like the rest of the world stopped. Not that there was ANYTHING news worthy before the closure of the voting booths. Which was at 8pm local. 7pm in Belgium for the expatriates (Milady amongst them). Apparently nothing else happened in the world. No drowning refugees in the Mediterranean. No idiotic violence in the Middle East. No new blunders from the president elect and his team. Nothing in Germany (they vote only in September) Nothing in the UK. Maybe they were taking a break from “discussing” Brexit?
Sports news: My favourite human is a runner. Yesterday there was one of the Marathon Majors. London. And there was something like a world record. (Complicated issue, there are 2 existing world records). A Kenyan runner, Mary Keitany, finished her race in 2:17:01. Which is a world record for a female only race. There wasn’t anything in Belgian radio. Nothing. Only 40000 people competing. Nothing in Belgian radio. In the evening there was a soccer match between two Spanish clubs. Which was duly announced in the news. Last week, Friday I guess. There was a Belgian tennis player who beat the former number 1 in the quarter finals of a tournament. You could hear it several times in the news. The next day he lost in the semis against another former number 1. NOTHING in the news.
Cat news: I’m still “educating” the small one. Milady still hasn’t taken a picture of him (neither of me or even Rashid). The poor guy had to deal with the local bully over the weekend. Nothing happened, he’s quite fast. The small one, not the bully.
That’s all for today.
See you next week

Ausone’s notebook instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Good morning, Humans. Looks like spring is taking a break at the moment. We are back to standard Belgian weather. Wind and rain. More autumn than anything else. But, hey, complaining about the weather serves nothing. So, forget what I just said.

In world news, just all be happy we are closing in on the destruction. Enjoy life as long as you can. The US are doing what they are always doing. Sending the military when they no longer get it. Happens faster and faster. At the moment they have attacked an airfield in Syria with 59 cruise missiles. Haven’t heard that they did it with chirurgical precision this time.

And they are sending an aircraft carrier direction North Korea. And North Korea has; for sure, already warned that they will respond with all their might. To any possible threat.

So, the “president” of the US is playing, again, with fire. Worse, he doesn’t really know what he’s doing. In an interview shortly after the missile launch against Syria. He couldn’t even remember which country the US were attacking this time. He could remember which kind of cake he had after dinner. And that the cake was delicious. For sure there were people on social media excusing it. Saying that the US are involved in so many things. It’s excusable that he can’t remember which country they were attacking at the moment.

NO, IT ISN’T. If you’re attacking someone at least you should know who. And, in any case,  remember who, this time. This morning the VP of the US, on visit in Asia for 10 days, at the moment. Stated that the US are changing their strategy concerning North Korea. Now, all options are on the table. If you can still remember Trump asked the question.” We have so many nuclear arms. Why aren’t we using them?”

A legitimate question. I sincerely hope, someone explained him WHY. Do I have to explain it to those reading my ranting? I hope not.

I have to stop with that. It’s not good for my health. Mental health, that is.

The ongoing story (sounds horrible) of a senior male cat (ME!) educating a baby (socks? Chausettes? Figaro? However you want to call him). We are still at the stage: I’m leaving the house. And as soon as I’m in the garden, I’m no longer alone. Yup, there’s this small, black, constantly moving “thing” around me. You’re doing what? Can I come with you? See, what I got here? Why are you sitting there?

By Odin’s beard, I’m just trying to take a peaceful leak. It’s something I have to do in the morning. Sometimes I even skip breakfast for it. Explain this to a baby?

It will be the same this afternoon. I am male. Male cats don’t have a parental instinct, it’s “f.. and forget” for us. And I haven’t even. I’m neutered, I haven’t for at least a decade. But I’ll have to play kind of parent at the moment. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sometimes fun. And if he gets too annoying. I’ll show him that I’m not yet too old to beat up a teenager. Nah, I won’t do that. I’ll just show him his limits.

I’m a friendly cat, in general.

Photographer still on strike. Or occupied with other things. Who knows? No need to explain. In any case, it’s again a stock photo this time. Boring, I know, but what can you do?

Ausone terrasse couché

See you next week