Ausone’s Notebook, Final edition

Ausone just head sideways

Hello humans. I was silent for some time. And I do think that my readers deserve to know why.

The day after my last outing my humans (the female human to be precise) decided that they will separate. As my favourite human doesn’t have adequate shelter to take care of me. He took the decision, with Milady’s consent, that Milady will take care of me. For the time being. Which means most probably for the rest of my life. Chances that I do see my favourite human again are somewhere between very slim and inexistant.

I want to thank you all for following my rantings for more than a year. I’m truely sorry that it ends. But all good things most come to an end.

I will miss ranting and my readers. But most of all I will miss my favourite human. Thank you all again. Maybe we’ll meet again in the afterlife.

It’s been a pleasure

I’m heartbroken.

Good bye

Yours affectionately


8 thoughts on “Ausone’s Notebook, Final edition

  1. KITTENY writes! Ausone! Ausone! You will see him again. I know this because amazing things can happen. Like birds and flying things and someone coming to the cat rescue place and giving me a forever home when all my brothers and sisters had one and nobody wanted me. So it will happen. Go on sleeping and eating and annoying that other cat! Never forget the love…or forget your favourite human. xxx I will miss you lots… purrr…purrr….purrr

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    1. Dear Kitterny, thank you for your kind words. But let’s be honest the chances that I meet my favourite human ever again. Are maybe even a bit lower than the chances that an ice cube survives in hell. But it could happen. Will miss you too. It’s been a journey… hugs and paw five


  2. Ouch! This is a tragedy. Felines losing their favourite humans…that hurts. As Carol stated, amazing things can happen. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you and your favourite human.
    Both of you will be dearly missed.

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    1. What will happen with me will be decided during next week. maybe my blog will continue maybe it will be interrupted, maybe the story ends here. We’ll see. but thanks for your kind words. And everything else

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