The Children Of Albion by Jill Turner @jilltwriter #TuesdayBookBlog Hard hitting inner city novel

Rosie Amber

The Children of AlbionThe Children of Albion by Jill Turner
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Children Of Albion is a hard-hitting novel about children seeking an escape from the brutal reality of their upbringing. I can see it becoming a popular novel for young adults.

Eleven year old Robbie Terry lives on an inner city estate, a place run by tough Dean Amery and his goons. Robbie bunks off school, smokes cigarettes and steals. He cares for his mum who picks up losers at the pub and brings them home. To escape her cycle of needy depression, he’ll head to his ‘den’: an abandoned house.

One day Robbie finds another boy at his hideaway who calls himself Albion, and talks of King Arthur and Camelot. Barely able to read and write, streetwise Robbie is happy to make a new friend and escape for a few hours listening to Albie’s stories. When…

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