#Bookreview ‘Tokyo Summer’ (A Shig Sato Novella) by Joseph Mark Brewer #amreading #crime

Today I’m reviewing ‘Tokyo Summer’ (A Shig Sato Novella) by Joseph Mark Brewer

Tokio Summer J.M.Brewer

Blurb (via Amaazon) :

It was classified as an overdose. Or was it?

Setsuko Usami, the wife of a top Bank of Japan economist, is found dead in her bathroom. The police report points to an accidental drug overdose. Government officials want to keep the death under wraps to avoid scandal. But when the toxicology report arrives, it points to murder.
Despite his independent streak and reputation for turning down promotions, the bureaucrats in government and at the Tokyo Police headquarters know there’s only one man for the job: Inspector Shig Sato. He re-opens the case and follows the clues. What he discovers is more shocking than any official can imagine.
Will Sato bend to the will of his superiors and keep the case quiet, or will Sato go the distance to catch a killer?
Because someone just might get away with murder.

Did I like it ?

Yup. Although, as it’s a novella it’s just not enough Shig Sato for my taste. It describes Sato’s last case before being transferred to security service for the royal household. And his beloved wife falling severly ill. It leaves enough open for another prequel. Which may or may not be necessary.

What I didn’t like ?

A novella at 136 pages is just not enough Shig Sato for  my taste.

Would I recommend it ?

If you, like me, love the Shig Sato serious. Yes, definitively. I wouldn’t use it as a starter to the Sato series. Books 1 and 2 are longer and much better, for my taste. But Sato is just good.

Read it, you’re not wasting your time. 17.5 out of 20 points on my scale


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