How to Use a Chinese Textbook

You got to start somewhere, sometime. Why not now and with writing?


What is the Best Way to Improve Vocabulary?

I have probably read more Chinese novels in this past year than I have read English novels in past five years. As a result, my Chinese vocabulary has grown rapidly. This should be the aim of every language learner, to learn the language by actually using it to do something they enjoy. If you don’t enjoy reading novels then don’t force yourself to read them in a foreign language just because you think it will help your vocabulary. If you are learning Chinese and enjoy video games then maybe play games that are in Chinese, play multiplayer online with Chinese people. Even better, if you’re in China go to the many internet bars that are full of gamers and make some friends there.

Language learning always reaches a point where you say to yourself “okay I’ve got a foothold in the language…

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