Ausone’s notebook instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Good morning Humans. Monday morning and I hope everything’s fine with you all.

It’s hot, even very hot. And it should, according to the forecast, be like that for the week. Complaining about the weather doesn’t make sense. But it could teach you something. When you’re complaining about the weather it changes nothing. But you may feel better. It’s all about your perception. If you tell yourself it’s too hot to…It’s too hot to. If you tell yourself it’s hot but…. It’s your perception. Nothing but. Just accept it as it is and go on.

Enough with this senseless bubbling.

Something “more serious”. Last week I had the audacity to ask my readers “what do you want me to talk (complain) about?” I had the overwhelming feedback of ONE reply. Which I’m very, very grateful for. But….just one reply could mean.

No one’s really interested what I’m grumbling about. It could mean talk about whatever you want. We take whatever you deliver. Or it could mean that my readers are not courageous enough to speak their mind. Let’s forget the last point immediately. It’s just impossible. Point one, is kind of saddening but possible.

Which leaves us with point TWO. I’ll do this, exactly this because I’m a CAT.

According to one of my favourite readers. All of my readers are my favourite readers but some are more favourite than others. That’s just life.

I should talk less about politics.

Cause it’s too complicated. Hunting mice or pigeons isn’t an easy task either. But we’ll try nevertheless. Educating our humans is certainly not an easy task. We never stop trying.

So, I should talk less about politics. It’s complicated. Politics change every day. Hunting is basically the same day in day out. Politics gives you something to ramble about. Nearly every day. Yes, even in boiling hot summer. Human follies never stop.

Do I want to talk that much about politics?

Please, dear readers, believe me I would prefer to talk about:

  • pretty flowers in bloom
  • beautiful wild animals in the garden
  • flying butterflies
  • singing birds
  • the beauty of nature in general
  • my pet topic, cat food flavours (I’m still not fishing for tuna)

just composing this short list is boring as hell.

Yes, the life of a cat. Of an adult cat, you may even call me a nearly retired cat. Is in general boring as hell. There isn’t much to talk about. Not many interesting things. And I like it that way. Thus I’m talking about politics. To have something to talk about. That maybe the cherished people, mostly humans, will read. And as unfortunately as it may be, humans are in general more interested in politics than they are interested in blooming flowers.

You just have to listen to the news in the morning. Already the order in which the news are presented could give you something to ramble about.

But it’s much too hot today to ramble. Yes even early in the morning. We’ll find a nice place in the shade. Somewhere under the hedges. And we will meditate about human follies. Why my favourite human is trying to get more readers for his blog.

He must be completely insane.

As it was already too hot this weekend for Milady to take some pics of me. Today’s picture is one from the stock.

Ausone just sitting june 2017

See you next week


Ausone (yes, I know, I’m boring!)


4 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone! Ausone! Its HOT!!! I’m sleeping on the wardrobe coz I get a draft from the window. Last night I caught another moff and brought it in. It tasted of fluff. The SMALL fur puller saw me for the first time. He laughed and laughed. I am insulted!


    1. Hi Kitteny, why are you insulted? Could have been worse; He could have started crying. What were you expecting? That you’re treated like royalty? They are HUMANS. Always expect the worst. The only surprise you’ll get will be a positive one. Seen? Nearly no politics today and thus I’m less grumpy. BTW, it’s too hot to move here. I’m melting


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