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Good morning, Humans.
Monday morning, the annoying cat is back.
Last week, my favourite human, had a small conversation with the human who takes care of Kitteny. Result: I should take less about politics and more about cat stuff. Which is certainly not an easy task. Especially at the moment, UK elections. Elections in France. Let’s not forget this guy in the USA. A lot of interesting stuff. But if my readers (sounds awesome) want me to talk less about politics. Who am I not to respect their wishes? Luckily, only less politics. And not no politics at all. Would be hard and most important quite boring. For me that is.
So, what is or was going on in cat land last week? Nothing worth putting on paper. Just normal living when it’s too hot to move. It’s not so boiling hot that you can’t move at all. It’s just too warm to …. Too warm to what? Hunting? Either it’s too hot or I’m just too old by now. Don’t forget in human counting I’m 14 years old. According to one web site (that my human found This equals to 71 years for a human. Let that sink in.
I’m 71 years old in human terms. Doesn’t this give me the right to be as grumpy as I want to be? The right to spend my whole day lying in the shade meditating about human follies? Which does include politics. I could once again talk about my pet theme. Cat food. I’m still not finishing for tuna. There is still no mouse flavoured cat food. Small bird flavoured? Nope.
So, talking about educating the neighbour’s cat? Educating is too much said. I just le him accompany me whenever he wants, let him see what I’m doing.
I could ask my readers, what do you, dear readers, want me to talk about? If I’m not completely wrong I’ve already tried. Let’s just say humans you aren’t very helpful. I’m not complaining I’m just stating the facts. Just tell me what you want me to talk about. I’ll do my very best. Promise.
And now politics.
Last week, there were elections in the UK. Why? That’s quite a complicated question. The acting PM wasn’t elected. And she has a complicated task at hand. She might have felt the need to get…to get what? Support? A proper mandate? Sorry, didn’t work. And now what, The last rumours are she’s trying to make a coalition with a party from Northern Ireland. Quite a strange party. Just as an example. This party is against homosexuality, against Catholics, against abortion. They don’t believe in climate change etc. . There was even something, somewhere on the web. That some members of this party believe that this planet is not very old. Something about 4000 years. You have to be quite desperate wanting to form a coalition with a party like that.
Hey, but we have to see the good news too. Apparently the president elect of the US has, at least, shifted his announced state visit to the UK until further notice. He was or is afraid that there are too many demonstrations against him. Thank you, UK. Would be quite complicated in Germany or Belgium. There’s a Gsomething summit in July that he will attend. And in Belgium there are the NATO Europe headquarters. So, unfortunately, you can’t avoid him there. But you can always hope.
So, Kitteny you see I tried. It’s complicated, but at least I tried. I even asked my readers (sounds still awesome) to let me know what they want me to brag about. I’m ready and willing. Can’t do more than ask.
Today’s photo is from the stock, recent but nevertheless from the stock. Taken, as usual, by the preferred photographer.
Ausone early morning 2
See you next week

6 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Bless you, Ausone, you are a most respectable age indeed – you have earned the right to be grumpy.
    I personally don’t mind politics, although Zoe, who runs my household, thinks I go on about it too much, since she is French, so was not allowed to vote in the British elections, but lives in the UK, so could not vote in the French ones either. She feels I have disenfranchised her!
    I would love to hear Ausone’s view of books or life in Belgium…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She could vote in the French elections. Milady is French and was allowed to (and did) vote in the presidential. Was even allowed to vote in last Sunday’s. There she didn’t vote. Ausone “reads” the same as I do. Thus not much French or Belgian stuff. En tous cas, thanks for the input


      1. I do know that. Would European be acceptable. Milady is, btw,, the lady responsible for my grey hair and she IS French. And responsible that I’m conversationally fluent in French


  2. Kitteny writes: Ausone! Ausone! Grumpy cat! It is hot here and both the Fur Pullers came over for lunch. The small one saw me for the first time…well! I don’t know what was so funny, but he laughed! I shall avoid him in future! The Korat cat is sitting in the front garden again watching the hedge. I had a big bust up with a fox at 4am the other day! Came into MY garden and looked through the French window. It won’t do that again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A laughing human, especially a young one is normally a good sign. crying ones are noisy and not funny. Take care with the foxes they are often contagious. A very, very horrible sickness. Please do take care. BTW what are you doing at 4am with a fox in the garden? At 4am you should be cosy at home waiting for breakfast. For this other cat, just ignore him or her.


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