#Bookreview ‘Qumran’ by Jerry Amernic “TuesdayBookBlog

Today I’m reviewing ‘Qumran’ by Jerry Amernic

Qumran by Jerry Amernic

Blurb (from Amazon) :

David Marr, archaeologist and world authority on the Romans, has spent his life studying the Holy Land with all its violence and unrest that go back to the time of the scriptures. While teaching in Jerusalem, he makes the most dramatic discovery of his life just off the shore of the Dead Sea near the site of the ancient monastic settlement at Qumran. It is something that could have huge repercussions with the potential to turn the world on its side.

David first whets his appetite as a student when he played a crucial role in the 1947 discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. His later adventures with the Holy Grail and Holy Shroud brought him to the forefront of the maelstrom that develops whenever science confronts religion. The backdrop to these experiences was always war–Israel’s War of Independence in 1948, the Six Day War in 1967, the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Throughout it all, he has carved a career of widespread renown, but has seen so much evidence of man’s brutality to man that he is spiritually disillusioned.

As he begins to unearth clues about what he has found, he and those closest to him–his Jewish-American wife Gita, the brilliant Egyptian pathologist Jamil Hassad, and his Israeli research assistant Robbie Schueftan–all find themselves in danger. Now David the scientist, whose life has always be ruled by logic and reason, isn’t certain about anything and he won’t rest until he finds the truth.

Did I like it?

Hist fic, Archaeology, the Vatican. All the ingredients are there. And Jerry Amernic delivers. It starts with the discovery of a body showing the signs of crucifixion and the wounds mentioned in the bible. Prof Marr is on the this cannot be side and starts to investigate more. With the help of the Egyptian pathologist and his research assistant. Hiding the ‘mummy’ from sight. The episode at Glastonbury is without any critic to the believe system of the monk who’s showing Prof Marr the potentially Holy Grail. Critic is happening more to the “scientists” during the examination of the ‘Holy shroud’. And from then on you know the bad guys.

What I didn’t like

At the beginning of the book I had my doubts. Could this turn into something paranormal? Is there someone trying to ‘sell’ me his belief system? Luckily, nothing of it happened. So, what did I not like? Nothing.

Would I recommend it?

If you like Hist Fic? Yes, yes and again yes. Give it a go. Jerry Armernic knows what he’s writing about. And he can write. 18 out of 20 points on my scale


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