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Good morning, Humans. It’s Monday morning which means nothing else than: The annoying cat is back.
This morning is a little bit different for 2 reasons. 1. I spent the night on the outside (again) and therefore I have to speed things up. Cause my human would like to publish my 2 cents, my intellectual and literary masterpiece before 11 am. Fortunately, I don’t have to look for a photo. Milady took some over the weekend. But we come to that later. It’s kind of linked to the last part of my masterpiece.
A usual I start with what’s going on. And as usual nothing much. But…there were some things cat related and politics related. So I can ramble on. For those who do not know. “Ramble on” is the name of a Led Zeppelin song. But it has absolutely nothing to do with what I will be talking about this morning.
Let’s start with cat related. There is an abandoned basketball out down the road where I happen to live. And this court is used two, three times a year for some things that I ABSOLUTELY do not like. Two or three times a year there is a CIRCUS visiting. With all the not so pleasant stuff. A lot of noise with their announcement during the week prior to their shows. Then there are the visitors. Which means even more cars than usual in the street. And a lot of noise with their announcements. Fortunately circuses are no longer allowed to show big relatives from Africa or Asia. No lions, no tigers. But they still have other animals. Why a circus is still allowed to use animals at all is well beyond my intellectual capacities? Animals are sentient beings, all animals. And what’s not good for tigers isn’t good or acceptable for lamas either. But they are still allowed to have animals. In this case it were lamas. Who went awol yesterday afternoon. Fortunately nothing happened the lamas stayed in the field behind the house. No additional harm done. To no one.
France elected their new president. Fortunately the banker not the xenophobe right-wing. Might be necessary that the US has a close look at that. Yes, even when you have not much of a choice you’re still not obliged to vote for right wing, misogynist, xenophobes. You can vote for the lesser evil. Even if it’s not the perfect solution.
The Belgian government had a working reunion over the weekend. A1nd it was in a Chateau. Sounds nice. Why they aren’t doing this in the space that they have in Brussels, is beyond me. But money has to be spent. If money is just there it doesn’t move. And money that doesn’t move is not good for the economy. At least so they say. The result of the reunion was the usual stuff, nothing. Just a confirmation what they’ve already decided. Measures against terrorism. Measures that limit personal freedom. Biometric passports. Isn’t one of the reason for the terrorism not the problem that the terrorists have with the western society. The so-called freedom of these societies? And in order to fight against these terrorist. The government is reducing the personal freedom. Exactly what the terrorists want. Just wondering when humans are obliged to wear chips under their skin. To identify and follow them 24/7. Cats already have to wear that in most parts of Europe. Not me, I’ve already a senseless tattoo. There won’t be anything additional, believe me. Rashid has his chip.
Back to cats.
As the weather is getting better and better, the terrace door is in general open the whole day. Just that my human doesn’t have to spend his waking hours doing nothing more than letting cats in and letting cats out. Which means the access is not constantly supervised. Bully could enter to steal my food. Which he does regularly. But there are also other cats who could enter. Like for instance Figaro. Who did it last week. He just came in, visited the house and then spent the whole afternoon in the living room. Yes, he even tasted a bit Rashid’s food. He absolutely did nothing wrong. He just visited. His humans were searching him, but in vain. He just stayed and watched what was going on in the house of his neighbours.
Therefore today’s photo is Figaro, in colour. But on HIS terrace
Figaro terrace
See you next week

6 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone! Ausone! Grumpy Cat! Last week I saw A Smaller Fur Puller for the first time. I’m not sure what it is ~ it went on all fours and crawled along the landing. It isn’t a cat coz cats don’t wear clothes. The Bigger Fur Puller is allowed to stroke me ..head to tail only and under strict supervision. The Smaller One is going to be avoided. For now. Pigeons have moved from back garden (my territory) to front garden (not my territory. I don’t understand why. I was only keeping an eye on the nest! ……..pppprrrrttttt…………

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kitteny, good that bigger fur puller is supervized female human here still uses both directions when stroking. Male human knows how to do it properly. If I’m not wrong small fur pullers are called babies. grown humans normally make a fuzz about, don’t ask me why. They are kind of senseless can’t feed a cat or clean a litter box. Not even open the door when you need to go out. Are there cars near the front garden? If so you now know why it’s not your territory. See you next week, it’s sunny outside gotta go


    1. Socks, Chausettes or Figaro isn’t really annoying my cats. At least not yet. They’re kind of playing together. He’s following Ausone, waiting for them to leave the house. It’s kind of cute to watch them. Figaro still less than a year old. We’ll see what happens if he gets older


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