Ausone’s notebook 83.rd instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Good morning, Humans.

Monday morning, bank holiday. No idea what to tell you this time. Sounds familiar.

Should I be my grumpy self and ramble about the political situation in Europe? The world? The upcoming second round of the French presidential election. As usual the choice between pest and cholera? The choice between the far right and a banker. Or that the German chancellor said that there won’t be any presents for the UK during Brexit negotiations? Or about the possibilities of having a war soon? The famous ‘all options are on the table’. From the guy who asked why the US are not using the arms that they are stocking, nuclear arms this time.

And now you tell me. How could I manage to NOT be grumpy with all of this in the news? And you have to check everything several times, several different sources. You know this fake news thing. Number 1 isn’t fake. There are these two in the second round. Not very easy for the French to decide. Imagine you’re an intelligent human being. So far right, out of the question. Which leaves you with the banker? Good luck with that. Number 2 not fake either, heard the part of an interview with Mrs Merkel. She said it. Maybe not exactly in these words, I paraphrased it a bit to my convenience. Not much to say about this. UK (part of) wants to leave the EU. This will cost something. Every one who believed something else, does probably still believe in Father Christmas. Number 3? OK, with this guy you’ll never know. He’s changing his opinions faster than the weather in Belgium. He’s even capable of sending 2 tweets within minutes contradicting himself. Don’t, NEVER, forget he has the codes to launching a nuclear attack.

What could help?

Ignoring everything? That’s not me. Sorry. So I have to deal with the situation. Result? I’m grumpy. Do I like being grumpy? I’m not being grumpy about being grumpy. I am grumpy or how I prefer to describe it. I give the impression of being a grumpy cat. And if this is the way people see me. Then so be it. I can’t keep my mouth shut if I see the world going down the drain. I have to comment, yes complain. And I’m still convinced the world would be a better place if cats will take the reign. Believe me. We won’t destroy the planet. You? Chances are high.

I’m still hoping that one day I can write a happy go lucky edition. Nothing but positive things. I’m waiting. Hope dies last.


Yup, I have a new photo. Adapted to the situation. Find the cat. Just me, hidden in the sleeping bag, early evening. Still no photo of socks. He’s moving too much. When he’s there ready to be taken on photo. The time the photographer adapts her device to take the shot. He’s already gone. Just a bit of patience, she will get him one day.

Ausone sleeping bag

See you next week




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