Ausone’s notebook 82.nd instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Good morning, Humans. Let’s start with something kind of important. If you were expecting comments on the French elections? I have to “disappoint you” there won’t be any today. It was just the preliminary round. The important part is played in 2 weeks. Yesterday it was just to know who will compete against the right wing.
With that said, we can now take care of something different. What? If only I would know. But I guess I have an idea. Just for Kitteny. Yes, I will be kind of grumpy again. Complaining.
The media. Or more precise. The news. Even more precise, the choice what’s news worthy. This may be the wrong word. Let’s say what appears in the news.
Let’s start with something slightly different. The weather forecast. Belgian weather forecast is kind of complicated. Northwest of Belgium, region around Antwerp. Kind of flat, close to the sea. Southeast of Belgium, close to the border to Luxembourg, for Belgium quit mountainous. Les Ardennes. The weather forecast is, thus, quite complicated. Windy and flat in the north. Mountains (and forests) in the south. And everything in 250kms. And, unfortunately, they are giving a forecast for the whole of Belgium. Even with a temperature range. Sometimes with a range of more than 10 degrees. Thus this makes sense, Not really.
Now to the news. Yesterday was the first tour of the presidential elections in France. And this was everything you heard in the news. Like the rest of the world stopped. Not that there was ANYTHING news worthy before the closure of the voting booths. Which was at 8pm local. 7pm in Belgium for the expatriates (Milady amongst them). Apparently nothing else happened in the world. No drowning refugees in the Mediterranean. No idiotic violence in the Middle East. No new blunders from the president elect and his team. Nothing in Germany (they vote only in September) Nothing in the UK. Maybe they were taking a break from “discussing” Brexit?
Sports news: My favourite human is a runner. Yesterday there was one of the Marathon Majors. London. And there was something like a world record. (Complicated issue, there are 2 existing world records). A Kenyan runner, Mary Keitany, finished her race in 2:17:01. Which is a world record for a female only race. There wasn’t anything in Belgian radio. Nothing. Only 40000 people competing. Nothing in Belgian radio. In the evening there was a soccer match between two Spanish clubs. Which was duly announced in the news. Last week, Friday I guess. There was a Belgian tennis player who beat the former number 1 in the quarter finals of a tournament. You could hear it several times in the news. The next day he lost in the semis against another former number 1. NOTHING in the news.
Cat news: I’m still “educating” the small one. Milady still hasn’t taken a picture of him (neither of me or even Rashid). The poor guy had to deal with the local bully over the weekend. Nothing happened, he’s quite fast. The small one, not the bully.
That’s all for today.
See you next week

2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook 82.nd instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny Writes! Ausone! Ausone! You will never guess: the 2 pidgeons have only gone and made a nest in the climby bush outside the kitchen door. It’s like having your own food supply on your doorstep. Well, I will be when I catch one of them. Stupid flying dinners keep taking off every time I go up the tree after them. Am biding my time. I will get them in the end. Stupid dinners. IN other news.. the smallest fur puller stays downstairs as he is only crawling. So he hasn’t spotted me yet. Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kitteny,
      2 things. 1st. Forget the pigeons. You’ll only catch one of them by chance. They can fly. Either you’re lucky or one of them is sick. Waiting till the young ones will leave the eggs? Might be a chance. But it’s not really sportsmanlike. 2nd. The small fur puller will grow up. Enjoy the time you still have your peace.If he’s big enough he will join his sister pulling fur. see you next week


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