#Bookreview ‘The Gangster’s Son’ by Joseph Mark Brewer #TuesdayBookBlog

Today, I’m reviewing ‘The Gangster’s Son’ by Joseph Mark Brewer
The Gangster's son

Blurb (from Goodreads):

Facing retirement and weary from caring for his terminally ill wife, Tokyo police Inspector Shig Sato returns to Azabu Police Station and teams up with his old partner, Detective Ken Abe, for his last month with the department. On his first night back, a young waitress at a jazz club is murdered. Her boyfriend, an American Marine, is missing, and the club owner is nowhere to be found. Sato knows that if the American has anything to do with the murder, it could ignite a political and diplomatic firestorm. Sato believes that find the American is his first duty. Then Sato learns that the club owner is the son of prominent crime boss Ses Fujimori. Ties between the Fujimoris and Satos go back a generation. It’s something the inspector cannot escape, especially since he asked Fujimori for help in solving a case early in his career. Fujimori agreed, knowing that Sato would be in his debt. With his son now a murder suspect, what will Fujimori demand in return for his cooperation? What price will Sato pay to bring a young woman’s killer to justice?


Did I like it?


Absolutely. It’s a bit like a cosy mystery. No gore, no descriptive sex. (no sex at all, it’s located in Japan) There are several possibilities for a series (for example: back story is only hinted at, Sato retiring, becoming a PI. Commissioner already mentioned that he might need him in the future). And not to forget I’m kind of Japanophile. “shinnichi” (親日) in Japanese.


What I didn’t like


That it took me so long to discover it. And I do have a little problem with the piece concerning the super-rich. The possible future client when Sato retires. Link was made via the commissioner. Who could remember that Sato thinks about becoming a PI after his retirement. Super rich reveals that he has links with the Fujimori clan. And then? If it’s a hint to future books then fine for me. If not, then what’s the point of it? It’s a loose thread. Revealing something about Sato’s character?


Would I recommend it?


For sure. A mystery without gore, a bit of police procedure. Interesting characters with a lot of potential for upcoming books. Recommended. And as I said I’m kind of Japanophile. 17 out of 20 points with a tendency of more points


2 thoughts on “#Bookreview ‘The Gangster’s Son’ by Joseph Mark Brewer #TuesdayBookBlog

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