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Good morning, Humans. Monday morning, and as my favourite human announced in on Twitter yesterday, (how dares he) I’m back. You’ve expected something else? I’m a cat, a creature of habit. So, when it’s Monday, my ranting arrives on the blog.


Still not much going on. Hunting season hasn’t started YET. Apparently, I’ve taken over parts of the education of neighbours’ baby cat. At least as soon as I’m out, he’s out too. Following me like a shadow. Not too annoying at the moment. As soon as it gets too much, I’ll show him his limits. Officially he’s called ‘Figaro’ but my humans call him ‘chausettes’, socks in English. You’ve guessed right, black with four white ‘socks’. I’ll let you know what will happen with this one in the future. Call it my educational efforts. As soon as Milady will do, again, her photographer’s duty. I’m quite sure there will be a photo of ‘chausettes’.


As expected, I’ll have to comment on politics and every day life here in Belgium.


Politics? The question is, is this really politics? News came out this morning that the Belgian armed forces participated in an air raid that resulted in 130 dead civilians in Irak. Reported by a journalist from ‘The Guardian’, news not yet confirmed by the US ministry of defence. The Belgian parliament has a committee supervising the actions of the armed forces. Implied in these ‘military endeavours’. And they’ve called for an urgent reunion this morning, behind closed doors. The question is what do they expect? The Belgian secretary of defence (S. van de Putte, NVA) already claimed that he knows nothing more.


What will happen? US ministry of defence is investigating the news. There won’t be anything more than ‘We are investigating’ until there’s something else that will be on top of the news. Outcome? Nothing. Or the same outcome like with the hospital in Afghanistan. ‘We were not directing the attack, we just followed our duties. By the way we are sorry for the collateral damages. The 130 innocent are still dead.


Something even a bit more puzzling (if this is possible) and quite local this time. In a recent survey someone found out. That a high percentage of people who spent sometime behind bars are quite fast back behind bars. And they wanted to find out why?


The survey came to the stunning conclusion that 1.problem to find a job 2. lack of funds 3. it takes the social services between 4 and 6 weeks to provide the former inmates with the necessary funds to survive a daily life.


And they were asking themselves the question why these people are quite fast criminal again? No money, no shelter. What’ll you do?


And for something a lot less sad. As I’ve already told you my human is a runner. So, he’s interested in the weather forecast. Just to know what he has to wear on his next run. Does he has to prepare to not be blown away by the wind? The Belgian weather forecast is a funny thing. For last Thursday the forecast was: Sunny, between 18 and 21 degree. Friday the same, showers in the early evening. Saturday rain the whole day. Sunday less rain but mostly cloudy. From Monday on, back to nice and calm weather.


This was the forecast.


Reality? Thursday; exactly like the forecast. Friday it was raining from 3 pm on. Saturday, you could see that I rained during the night. Not a drop the whole Saturday. Sunday, 19°, blue sky, no wind. Monday morning, Fog you can’t even see the nut tree at the end of the garden.


I’m quite convinced the person who’s making the weather forecast is the same who’s calculating the budget for the Belgian government.


As already mentioned, photographer is neglecting her job at the moment. So, it has to be a photo from the stock

Ausone half face

See you next week




2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone! Ausone! Grumpy cat ..well, it is getting very exciting here. There is this place called Gibrawlta and another place called Spane wants it. So I am now the cabin cat on The Golden Hedges and we are privateers sailing the high C’s with intent to plunder treasure ships. I will lt you know how I get on.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kitteny, first and foremost. Take good care that you don’t get sea sick. AND that no one wants to make you look like a pirate. An eye patch doesn’t really look good on a cat. In the mother tongue of my human they say “Mast- und Schotbruch” to wish someone luck if he goes on the high sea. Happy plundering


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