Part 6 Zazenshin: Acupuncture Needle of Zazen, by Shohaku Okumura

Part 6 of the lecture.

Buddhism now

[From a series of talks by Reverend Okumura in which he
focused on the famous koan story `Nangaku polishing a tile’.]

牧牛図 Oxherding Artist: Sekkyakushi (Japanese, active first half of the 15th centuryI will talk about Dogen’s comments on this story in the Shobogenzo: Zazenshin (Acupuncture Needle of Zazen):

Kozei Daijaku Zenji practised and studied with Nangaku Daie Zenji. Since he had intimately received mind-seal, he continuously practised zazen. Once Nangaku visited Daijaku and asked, “Virtuous one, what do you intend (zu) in doing zazen?”’

Dogen is making the point that Baso was practising zazen after receiving the mind-seal from Nangaku. In the Zuimonki, on the other hand, Dogen said that Nangaku was admonishing Baso’s expectation to become buddha. Nangaku didn’t restrict Baso from practising zazen because zazen is a buddha’s practice. Nangaku and Baso together are expressing the true meaning of zazen as Dogen conveyed in his verses in the Eihei-koroku. This story is not about a…

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