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Good morning, Humans. Another Monday. But still the same problem. How to produce something that makes people read what goes on in my cat brain.

Should I tell you that I have the strong feeling, at the moment, that I’m getting old? Although the weather is getting better and better, I still spend a lot of time in house. Like this morning. Made the signs to my human that it’s time to get up and feet me. As he was finally moving. Under five minutes, but he was already faster. I decided, bed’s still cosy I stay a bit longer. Took me another three hours to finally get out of the house. Made just a little trip to the food. Had a look outside and hop back to bed. Seems that I got the German sickness called ‘Frühjahrsmüdigkeit” or I’m just getting old. Hey, I’m getting fourteen this autumn. I would have all the rights in the world to be tired. Let’s hope I’ve just that German sickness. It really doesn’t make sense. How could I (or you) be tired because of spring? Days are getting longer, weather is getting better, more light. So why, by Odin’s beard am I tired? Just a small example. Yesterday, my human went out for his Sunday long run. I stayed in bed. This is not normal. Why am I tired?

As I don’t think I’ll find a solution this morning. I will complain a bit about politics and media. I might get angry and this could wake me up.

So, here we go.

There are presidential elections in France this summer. The parties have decided their candidates. And the media (French TV, this time) organise debates. There was the first one last week. And there was something that is at least a bit not very democratic. There are a bit more than 10 candidates for the presidential elections. Guess how many were present or better invited to this debate? Five! Who decided that there are only five candidates worth to figure during the debate?? Is this democracy?

Wait, it’s getting worse. During the debate there was an opinion poll. Who’s the most convincing candidate during the debate? And they had a clear winner. Jean-Luc Melénchon from the Left Party. With something around 50% of the votes. The next day, in the news papers, may be necessary to call them now “news” papers. The winner of the debate was ANOTHER one, Emmanuel Macron. An investment banker (Rothschild et Cie). With all the background that you need to be of the establishment. ENA, former minister of economics, during the second government of Valls. He pushed through business friendly reforms..

I’m slowly getting sick of this. Bankers who become politicians and after their term back to the bank.

There is something horribly wrong. Humans are constantly voting for no change in politics. Always voting for the same faces. Big money and presentable on TV. None of these guys (or ladies) has ever done something for the so-called ‘silent majority’. They are doing something for the big banks. For the big money. Don’t get me wrong the president elect of the US is exactly the same. He’s big money(apparently) and representing big money and that’s all there is. And if you want a change, a real one why not try a different approach? Vote for someone who has different ideas and something like an education. Not someone who’s blaming those who don’t have any power whatsoever to change something to the positive. Misogynist and xenophobe is not an option.

Now I’m angry and awake.

Milady was on the coast this weekend so no new photos of me. And just because I was talking about me being tired. I’ll try to find a photo of me sleeping. No Kitteny, I’m not smiling when I sleep.

Ausone sleeping..JPG

See you next week



2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone! Ausone! Go on, you are smiling! Listen,I have a new bed. It is on top of the wardrobe. They can’t see me, and I can jump on them when they are asleep. Perfect. The Little Fur Puller visited yesterday…I sat on the top step and stared her out. It was very good. She got quite worried! Kitteny Power!….prrrt……….


    1. Nice place. Can’t do that no wardrobe near the male ones bed and not accessible in Milady’s bedroom (much too high even for me). Staring down fur puller, good job. She brought you a present from Japan? If not, why not? Punishment? Btw Neko (ネコ) is cat in Japanese.


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