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Good morning, Humans. Monday morning. What more to say than that? Spring’s taking a bit of a break. It’s either raining or blowing like there’s no tomorrow. Bad weather equals life’s happening mostly inside. Not much going on. Not really funny.
So, what to tell you? As usual no idea. Thus just random titbits. Just the things I heard, experiences over the course of last week.
Let’s start with 2 things from politics.
1. The Belgian government is/was in something that’s called ‘conclave budgetaire’. Which means the whole government is united at one place. And they are discussing and deciding the new budget. There task was finding 900 millions euro which were missing in their budget. Sunday morning, interview with one of the members of the government. “Everything’s done, all is fine. We found a solution. There won’t be any new taxes, no budget restrictions.”
Call me what you like, but…I don’t get that. You’re starting with 900 million Euro missing. You talk 2 days. And…wonder there they are. How? Where from? Where did they find the 900 million euro? An unknown donor? If there are 900 million Euro missing you have two possibilities. Either you raise new money. Which they say they won’t. No new taxes. Or you reduce your spending. Which they say they won’t. There is a third possibility. The 900 million Euro were never missing. I don’t believe this one either. So, in short. The Belgian government has found the miracle solution already mentioned in the bible. This fairy tale with the marriage at Kanaan. Apparently there is something like that happening. I don’t get it. But I’m just a cat.
2. Even more funny. There was a poll in Germany, the famous Sunday question. Who will you vote for if Sunday would be the next general election. And the outcome of this poll was nearly a miracle. For the first time in years Angela Merkel is no longer number 1. Rejoice. There is just one small problem. The guy who was number 1 in this poll, Martin Schulz, former president of the European parliament. Is not (maybe yet) official candidate of his party for the general election. The outcome of your poll always depends on how you ask your question. And in the end, it was just a poll. Nothing more.
Now enough with politics, there is something more cat related. In the small corner of the world I’m living in. You can find a cat or cats in nearly every house. Last year the new tenants on the left moved in and some months after moving in. They took a cat, too. A baby, but now 6 months after you have a, to use a human expression, teenager. Which means nothing else than every time I’m on the outside. I stroll in my kingdom. And just minutes after I have someone following me. A small cat. I should maybe point out that I’m male. And male cats do not have any whatsoever maternal or parental instincts. We produce offspring and then we’re gone. And the lady cats want it like that. So, this baby following me wherever I go is theoretically, at least, against my nature. As I’m a, in general terms, friendly cat. I’ll show him what he needs to know about hunting. Maybe he will react differently than Rashid did. We’ll see, he’s not a pure breed Siamese. Chances are he will, or not. Will be interesting to see how his humans will react when he arrives with his first prey. Only time will tell.
There are again no new photos. My humans were busy with their cooking and eating exhibition over the weekend. Milady took a lot of photos there but not a single one of me or Rashid. Neither the next door baby cat. Figaro or ‘chausettes’. Figaro officially. Chausettes the name my human gave him. Black with white socks, looks nice. Thus another stock photo. As soon as we have a photo of Figaro, I’ll show you. Promise.
Ausone 23.08 (1)
See you next week
Be kind, if possible. It’s always possible.

2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone! Ausone! Nice picture of you. You could smile a bit more though. Listen, they have put new bird feeders up in the garden. And the birds are coming to eat. Lots and lots of small dinners flying to and fro all day! I have now got a SECRET DEN under a bush where I hide and jump out on them when they are picking up the bits that have fallen out. Only trouble is: the small dinners keep taking off … how do they DO that, Ausone and why? It’s NOT FAIR! Why weren’t cats born with wings? ………..pppprrrttt………………

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kitteny, Remember in this game that we call life that no one said it’s fair. And why should it be? This thingy that created everything (however you want to call it) gave birds wings, cats a superior intelligence. Would it be fair if cats would have in addition wings? Wings and fur? Wouldn’t work. Smiling when someone takes a photo of me? Don’t like to be taken on photo, so I don’t smile. My human neither. But maybe someday. Who knows? By the way there aren’t bird feeders here in the garden. My human says when I want a bird I should catch one. He won’t deliver it. Is this fair? Nope, but that’s life. See you next week


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