…the first of three superb Guest Blog posts from Author Charles Hash…

Hear, hear

Seumas Gallacher

Author and Blogger pal, Charles Hash, has delivered not one… not two… but three excellent pieces for inclusion as Guest Blog posts on my ‘umble page… and each is superb… but I’m gonna give yeez these staggered over the next week or two, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… we don’t wanna spoil yeez with too much quality all in one shot!… here’s the first:


I wonder exactly why I am doing this. What do I hope to accomplish? Do I just want some fleeting attention? Do I want fame, fortune, and all of the pressure that comes with it? Why would anyone seek to be put into a cage, to be put on display for gawkers and critics alike, poked at and dissected endlessly for some abstract concepts like respect or adulation, or even a more concrete reason like financial security? Begging strangers for the right and…

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