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Good morning, humans. It’s Monday again thus your favourite cat is ranting again. Let me precise two things 1.favourite cat? I certainly do not know if this is true. But I just like the sound of it. Accept it. 2.Ranting? We’ll see. I try not to. But when talking to humans? It’s complicated not to. But I’ll try my best.

And I’m afraid I’ll have to excuse myself. I wasn’t really telling the truth. Several times I wrote that I’m bored. And this is not really true.

In fact, it’s not true at all. As you should know by now I’m a CAT. And being bored is a human feeling. As a cat I’m not bored. I could spend easily several hours lying on the table on the terrace and just watch the grass grow in the garden. Which wouldn’t be a pleasure at the moment. Much too windy and the temperatures are not what I would call, using a human expression, cosy. At the moment I prefer to cuddle on the bed and watch my favourite human typing on the laptop. And as there is no grass to watch grow. I make a thorough inspection of the inside of my eye lids. No, I’m not sleeping (OK, occasionally I do). Very extended ‘cleaning sessions’. Which is not only cleaning, it’s a massage, too. If you were ever licked by a cat. You may have realized that a cat’s tongue is kind of rough. Helps cleaning, taking off loose hair and massages the skin too. Humans go to a beauty shop (mostly females) to get this treatment. I’m doing this on my own. And my beauty shop is wherever I want it to be. And I don’t have to pay for the treatment.

I just can’t help it, a bit politics. Not really politics but something about politicians. I was talking several times during the last weeks about the ‘scandal’ with the overpaid reunions.

This made me think about something slightly different. Here in Belgium as wall as in France. It is possible that one single politician is mayor of a big city and at the same time has an important position in the government.

For example the last ‘Premier ministre’ was at the same time, and this he still is, mayor of Mons. No idea about the actual one but I’m quite sure he is in a similar function somewhere.

How is this possible? Not; how is this legal, it apparently is. But how could you ‘take care’ of a city and at the same time ‘take care’ of a whole country? In my small brain I’m convinced you can do just one of them and not both.

Just imagine in your role as prime minister you may have to take a decision against the city where you are mayor of. Or you may not. Your decision could be good for the country and bad for the city. Or good for the city and bad for the country. Which one do you take? In Belgium they like to let the judges take the decision. So you drag yourself to the court? I know that in my human’s country of origin, this is prohibited by the law. It’s either or. You can’t be both. In France it’s allowed, in Belgium it’s allowed. Maybe French and Belgian politicians are superior beings, I don’t know.

Milady is till not taking new photos. Stock again, but don’t worry the stock is large enough.


See you next week




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