The “Civilized” World Looked On and Did Nothing

And still many Americans just don’t get it…

By Deborah H. Sussman I grew up believing that American democracy was the corrective to the fascist virus that overtook Germany in the 1930s, and that I lived in a country which, while deeply flawed, was fundamentally committed to justice and becoming more so. I think my refugee father believed the same thing. My father […]

Source: The “Civilized” World Looked On and Did Nothing


2 thoughts on “The “Civilized” World Looked On and Did Nothing

  1. It’s heartbreaking that Trump should have been voted into power given his rhetoric.
    It’s heartbreaking that so many incidents of racism should occur across the states following his words and actions as though the underlying racism has been waiting to rear it’s head again.
    It’s heartwarming to see that so many people have taken to the streets to oppose Trump’s actions.
    Trump and his white supremacist team have to go and any episodes of racism have to be clamped down hard upon.

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    1. I guess it was last week. Heard a quote from a Trump voter. “I wasn’t voting for my local priest. Only for the Potus.” Voting for a non-establishment person, I can understand. But this one? Since when is a billionaire non-establishment?

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