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Good morning Humans. Monday morning again. And, again, not even the faintest idea with what I could annoy you today. Politics? Kitteny won’t read and won’t reply. Cat food flavours? I guess you got it by now. We are neither hunting cows nor tuna. The weather? Yup, it’s raining and it will get colder end of the week. And complaining about it serves nothing. The weather just IS. No one can change it. Belgian drivers? Looking at how they behave in their cars I don’t think they can read. So why mention it, makes no sense. Just one thing about it. When my favourite human finally moved to Belgium, in 2008. He was still reading the online edition of a weekly German paper. ‘Der Spiegel’. They had a series at that time. Where their correspondents, based in different countries. Mentioned what they liked in the country they were working in, what they didn’t like. What they found peculiar. The guy who works (or worked) in Belgium mentioned two things he didn’t like: 1. He couldn’t find a decent bread (complicated when you’re from Germany) 2. Belgian drivers are the worst in Europe. My human couldn’t believe number 2 at that moment. Now, after living nearly years in Belgium, he can confirm Yes, Belgian drivers are the worst in Europe. Taking roundabouts in the wrong direction, stopping in the middle of a roundabout to let someone enter. Trying to take a highway in the wrong direction, taking a highway in the wrong direction. You name it, they do it. He mentioned a third point. As he was living in Wallonia, he said the people are just a nice, warm and friendly bunch. Confirmed! Belgian media? Just one example, last Friday was the price giving ceremony for the annual Belgian film prize. Something like Bafta awards, but for Belgium. And only for the French speaking part. First ‘joke’: The lady who was presenting the ceremony. Started with ‘Mais c’est surrealiste’. Yes it’s called prix Magritte. And René Magritte was one of the leaders of the surrealism movement in arts. I’m quite sure everyone there and everyone watching knows that. And it’s not even remotely funny nor original. Joke number two. The whole ceremony will be re-transmitted on another TV channel on Wednesday. Prime time. Friday live on RTBF1 and Wednesday re-transmitted on RTBF 3. What’s the point if I may ask? Everyone, who’s interested, knows by now who gets the prize.


I’ve already made sufficient fun of the strange habit of giving names to Belgian sports teams. Red something for every team sport. There’s even something that I find worse. As in every soccer playing country there is a historic rivalry between at least two teams. With all the bad stuff included, but that’s not the point at the moment. These games are, for rather inexplicable reasons, named. For instance, El classico in Spain between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Guess how the Belgians call their game between RSC Anderlecht and Standard de Liège? Yup, el classico. A Spanish term. Why for heaven’s sake? An Italian expression would be at least a bit understandable. But why something Spanish, there aren’t that many Spaniards in Belgium. Is it so complicated to find something in French or in Vlaams. The third official language would be German. That would be understandable too. Even with the large Italian community something in Italian would work. But no, it’s in Spanish. Kind of the Magritte way. Surrealistic.


You see, I’ve no idea what to talk about. And if I have no idea, I’m just randomly complaining.


Photo from the stock. As usual made by the preferred photographer with her smart phone.

See you next week. Maybe then I have an idea what to talk about






2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone! Ausone! You do ramble on! Listen..last week I nearly nearly caught one of the pigeons. I was soooo close….Oh and I have a new hiding place for the daytime. They don’t know where I go and I’m not telling them. Hahahaha ..I stroll in at 6.30 for my dinner and a watch of the TV . They call and call but I am my own cat. Last week the Little Fur Puller tried to get under the duvet with me. Bit if a shock. Remembered my manners and didn’t bite her. Next time she might not be so lucky! ……prrrt……………

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    1. Hi Kitteny, nice to read you again. We have a little food crisis here. Not me, crappy pure breed. As he’s as picky as can be. The humans found something constantly available and in 4 different tastes. Cow, chicken, salmon and rabbit. Pure breeds problem is: He’s picky. You’ll never know which flavour he wants. At the moment he doesn’t eat chicken. So he’s stealing my dried food (one and the same taste all the time) This he’s stealing every time when he doesn’t like his wet food. never complaining about the taste. I don’t get that cat. He’s sleeping under a duvet too. Even if there’s already a human under it. Me, next to my human. Certainly nothing above me. I need space. See you next week?


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