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Good morning, Humans. As I am still in hibernation mode it getting harder and harder to find a suitable topic to talk about.

There would be one but there are still some informations missing. So; it may have to wait until next week. My humans are going to the theatre this evening. ‘Lundi de poche” at the theatre ‘Le poche’ in Charleroi and the important stuff is. The guy who is the invited one for this monthly act is a Belgian politician who is a bit under pressure at the moment. Will he be there or not? But this the humans will see this evening. And I can talk about it next week.

So what to talk about today? The US have inaugurated their new president? Nah, although I like to talk about human follies. There are, even for me, limits. The spiritual beliefs of my favourite human? His beliefs, not mine. Cat food flavours? Nah, not again.

One thing left. Crappy pure breed or Rashid. You can’t remember who that is? Here you are.

Rashid is the one I have the pleasure of sharing my humans with. And to not forget, I have the pleasure of….Accepting his strange behaviour? And believe me he is strange. Just some examples. There are three bowls at our eating place. One is filled with water, we share, no problem. One is filled with my dried food. The other with his wet food. Doesn’t sound like a problem yet. He has his preferences, I have mine. He, for what reason ever, needs a change in taste. My fried food is always the same flavour. Occasionally I take a bit of the wet stuff, but I general just the dried variety for me. He, on the other hand, prefers the wet stuff. And he’s quite special with his flavour. You never know which flavour he wants at the moment. Never. Could be that he wants a change with every delivery or not. He wants to stay with the same flavour. Which doesn’t mean that if he tasted half or a delivery that he doesn’t want a change now. And this now means immediately. Still not a problem for me. But we come to that. It happens that he’s taking a bite of his wet stuff. Lets it fall in my dried food and then eats the mixture. But it’s only him who decides when he wants that mixture. No sense in preparing the mixture especially for him. He won’t eat it. Regularly he forgets he’s a cat. And he’s behaving like a dog. Following his preferred human wherever she goes. Complaining if she closes a door in front of him. The word patience he’s never heard. If he wants something he wants it NOW. He needs to cuddle on top of one of the humans (I don’t do that!). He prefers to sleep UNDER the blanket. He needs his toilet IN the house. He’s even capable of leaving the house (no matter what weather there is) coming back and going on his toilet. You will never see me doing stuff like that. If it happens (quite often) that he receives a delivery of food and he doesn’t like it, he’s walking away. If I should be there and give the wet food a try. You can be sure of he’s coming back, putting his head in the bowl to make me stop eating it. And then HE eats the food that he didn’t like 2 minutes before.

In short, I would so miss him if he wasn’t here.

See you next week



6 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

    1. Fussy he is but no longer overweight. When he arrived her was. Was eating cause he felt lonely. But since he’s no longer lonely. And weight reduction went with mixing puréed courgettes in his food. He’s still heavier than Ausone although smaller. Heavy bones I guess


  1. Kitteny says: Ausone! Ausone! Can’t believe you have another cat living in your house! I made it quite clear to the animal charity people from the word go that I was to be homed alone. Don’t do sharing. It’s MY cushion, MY bed, My bowl, My toys. And as for when the Little Fur Puller comes round and POKES me …I give her The Look! She knows! …….pprrrt ……………….

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    1. Hey Kitteny, sorry for being late. My humans left yesterday evening for the theatre and my preferred one switched off the computer. Imagine that. It’s not really a problem sharing your space with another cat. Although Rashid has from time to time problems understanding the difference between mine and his. But I’m more of an outdoor cat. I know how to explain it to him. Sometimes he needs a reminder. He can respect bed and if not I just change the bed. Humans are sleeping in different bed rooms. 2 cats, 2 beds no problem….


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