Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Good morning Humans.

I’m bored beyond belief. And you may ask why ? Although you can’t change the weather and thus complaining about it makes no sense whatsoever. From time to time, even a cat, has to complain about the weather. It was quite cold the whole last week. Nothing to complain about. I got my winter fur. Cold isn’t really a problem for me. BUT come last weekend. And the fog arrived. Sounds like not a big problem. But you are wrong. First the fog stayed the WHOLE weekend. Second as it was quite cold on Saturday. The water turned immediately into ice. Everything was slippery. Even with my four points on the ground it was a catastrophe. Wet, cold, slippery. Just no fun. And you could see nothing. Not even the end of the garden. There was absolutely nothing going on the outside. No sound of birds, no other cats strolling in MY kingdom. Nothing. Going outside was reduced to the bare necessities.  Quick out, reading the messages, replying, back in. Luckily there was a fire and it was quite cosy. But boring. Nothing to do but sleeping and eating. Crappy pure breed did the same. He wasn’t even leaving the house. Once put his head out and decided NOPE. This isn’t a problem for a day. I can do that. But a whole weekend doing nothing is just too long. Beating up the pure breed could be fun for some minutes. But then, what? Watching the fire is nice, but gets boring after an hour. Supervising humans? Gets boring, too. Listening to the humans communicate. Fun for several minutes. The adventures of my preferred one, who was out three times over the weekend. First one, nothing. Second one, he fell on his backside twice. Third time, he was so bored he counted cars while running. Yup, even one car without headlights in the fog. Interesting for a short time, a very short. And then? I was so bored I even watched the humans prepare their food. Not really interesting, there is no meat. OK, even if there was meat. They would have killed it for a second time. But no, vegetarians don’t eat meat. They don’t hunt, they don’t eat meat. Not even the politicians did something to make me throw up. At least I heard of nothing.

There was one thing that wasn’t that bad. The female, aka the preferred photographer, took some photos of me (and of crappy pure breed). And she wasn’t even trying to make me pose for the photos. Just took photos of me (and pure breed) as it was. No posing, no “funny” accessories. Just me.

Ausone visage b&w.jpg

OK, I’m bored shitless. I have nothing more to tell you. Just a lost weekend. Let’s hope there will be something for next week. I’M BORED.

See you




2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone! Ausone! Grumpy Cat! It has been cold cold here too. I have been sleeping curled up against The Food Provider. And I got cold paws too when I went out. But being in all day means they play with me more ..and there are more chances of leaving little piles of puke on the carpet and sharpening my claws on the bannisters. You have to look on the bright side, don’t you? ……….prt………………

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    1. Hi Kitteny, yes I’m grumpy. I tried to “play” with pure breed. He’s too noisy. Vomiting only when I have to. Sharpening claws is a sign that I need to go out. Can’t overuse it. And going out was just not even close to fun. There was ice everywhere. The court is normally filled with pebbles (not fun to walk on). It was like walking on a mirror.But today there’s no fog. It’s raining. I’ve slept enough now I want to go out. It’s just too wet. Hate that


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