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Good morning, Humans. Hoped for a while that I wouldn’t annoy you with my cat wisdom? You’re wrong. I’m a creature of habit and I’m afraid I started to like annoying you with my pieces of wisdom. My completely biased opinion on human follies. Thus, I’m sorry, I will go on annoying you.

So, what’s new? Nothing much. Politicians are still on holidays. Less crap in the news. Several of them even annoyed the rest of humanity during the holidays. But my British pen pal doesn’t like me using big words. And complaining about politicians without using big words is quite complicated. So, just for Kitteny, no politics today.

As I woke up this morning. Or to be more precise, as the alarm of my favourite human went off, in the middle of the night. 6:00 here which is 5:00 in the UK. A short, affectionate interaction session. We got out of bed and down to the kitchen. I took a few bites of breakfast, he did whatever he’s doing first in the morning. And then off to my morning routine. To my complete surprise everything was covered in something white and wet. Not very high, but nevertheless. There were some centimetres of SNOW. Is there someone, anyone, who could explain the sense of snow here in Belgium to me? It’s wet, it’s cold and it makes no sense whatsoever here. As Belgians are widely known as not being the most accomplished drivers. This only creates additional problems. For sure Belgians won’t stop using their telephones while driving. Why? Just because they have a telephone. I saw a driver last week with his phone in the right hand and a cigarette in the left hand. He must have been steering with his (imaginative) third hand. Now there’s snow and it gets even more dangerous. Why are they using their phones while driving? No one, absolutely no one has an intelligent answer to this idiotic behaviour. From a legal point of view they should take away ALL the snow from their cars. They are not doing it. A tiny window in front, one in the back, on the two sides and off we go. The snow that rests on the roof of the car rests. While they are driving, this snow may land on the windscreen of a following car (driver using his phone, for sure). This surprise may lead to the following driver making some unnecessary movements with his steering wheel. Thus his car may start gliding and, hello accident. Be happy if you’re not somewhere near one of this i… on the road. If you’re a human or member of the feline family. These are nothing but weapons on the street. Loaded weapons, that is. It really doesn’t take hours to wipe off the snow from your car. It may save lives. I won’t tell you again that there’s no need to use your phone while driving. This you should know by now. But I’m afraid it’s a bit like talking to a wall.

Today’s photo. As the preferred photographer used her days off to take some photos of me (and her preferred cat, aka crappy pure breed). I do have a little selection to choose from. For unknown reasons, my Human prefers the black and white photos of me. Just for the sake of peace and to do him a favour, something in black and white


See you next week





6 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone! Ausone! Grumpy cat! Happy New Year! I had chikken! It was tasty. Also, now they are feeding the birds (or small flying snacks) I get more chance to sit on the window sill and observe them.It is very cold here now. I went out, but my paws freezed so I came in. May go out again soon. It keeps them busy and helps to work off all that stodge they ate!

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    1. Hi Kitteny, I guess it’s something quite normal. The older you get the more grumpier. Haven’t seen the sun in 5 days. It’s less cold today but wet with that snow. Not fun to be outside. No mice, no small birds. I won’t mess with ravens or magpies. It’s just ugly outside. But there’s a fire on the inside. Nice, cosy just a crappy pure breed always there. You can’t have everything See you next week


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