Ausone’s notebook, 63.rd instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG


Good morning, Humans. I’m still plotting my revenge. I will take my time. Just vomited a bit this morning. Wasn’t in an area difficult to access. And it was something natural and necessary. Thus it doesn’t count as part of my revenge. And by the way my humans did it again last Friday. Much shorter but nevertheless they did it again. I would have eventually forgiven, not forgotten, mind you, what they’ve done last weekend. But they did it again!

This needs a reaction of mine. Rest assured, I will.

Now to the part of actuality. Kitteny, you won’t like it, it’s politics again.

Let’s start with the facts. A family from Syria, still in Syria, is demanding a humanitarian visa to flee the war. They already have someone in Belgium who will shelter them. They just need that visa. They are not just coming to Belgium they want to do it in a legal way. The minister responsible for Asylum and migration (???), N-VA with kind or a right wing past, refuses to give them the necessary visa. With the stunning argument, we have already done enough. The affair went to the court and, wonder, wonder, the judges decided that 1. the minister has taken a wrong decision and that 2. if he clings to his decision the Belgian state will be fined 4000€ a day. Not the idiot, the Belgian state. Last weekend the guy behind the minister said in an interview: If this is the decision. Then the Belgian state will have a serious governing problem. This morning the Belgian head jokester, aka prime minister, gave an interview. Saying he supports his minister (????) and that with the so-called tax shift every Belgian will save up to 1000€ and quote:” I’m proud of that.” There are  questions that you have to ask yourself. 1. Who’s every Belgian? Because it’s only the “big money” that saves up to 1000€ a year. For the regular citizen it’s they put it in your right pocket and take it from your left. Number 2. Who makes the Belgian state pay the 4000€ a day? It’s not the judges. They are just using the law. It’s the minister who, apparently, doesn’t know the law. And even if someone tells him that he’s wrong. He doesn’t give a flying f…. Because it’s not him who’s paying the 4000€ a day. And number 3. What has one thing to do with the other?

And to top this whole thing. Who’s making the laws? Judges or politicians? The guy behind the minister is the important figure. He did the negotiations. He’s the head of the important Flemish party but he’s not member of the government. So, he always has a scapegoat and he can do whatever he wants. He’s just the mayor of Antwerp and if anything goes wrong. It’s not he, it’s the government. AKA the French speaking part of the government. It’s still working.

Just imagine for a second the family would be 1. Christian and 2. from the west. Just think about that for a while.

Today’s photo is one of the series that Milady took after buying the cat sleeping bag. Crappy pure breed exploring the bag. He’s most of the time sleeping on the bag not in it. He’s not called crappy for nothing.


See you next Monday




2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, 63.rd instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

    1. Told you so. Even excused myself for doing it. No Christmas decorations in the house. No kids, not christian. No christmas. A cozy fire and something nice to eat. This will be everything. Even the humans get something nice to eat 😉


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