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Hello, Humans. It’s Monday again, so here I am. My favourite human announced last weekend on Twitter that I won’t be talking about politics today. Let’s just say I’ll do my best to avoid talking about the US elections as much as possible. Talking not about politics is just not possible because everything is politics.

To get rid of it; I just don’t get it. How could you vote for a misogynist, a xenophobe? How? I get that you don’t want to vote for the other candidate. Being female alone is just not enough. Having people from Monsanto in your team should disqualify everyone. Not that the team of the other candidate is better. There you have people from Goldmann Sachs. In the end the argument that US citizens voted against the political establishment is just not working. They just voted for another member of the establishment. Which means that Americans voted for nothing but a misogynist xenophobe.

And now for something different. My mornings start every day alike. Alarm clock going off. Human leaves bed, heading downstairs. He to the loo, me to the kitchen. Before he opens the door so I could leave, he switches on the radio. Either I have to hear the bad news immediately or I hear them when I come back from the morning stroll. The one that’s revolting me the most at the moment is one from a charitable organisation in Belgium, “Viva for life”. One of their publicities starts with: A kid tasting Brussels sprouts for the first time. “C’est pas bon, Ca pue.” (That’s not good. It stinks.) The publicity goes on. “Brussels sprouts may be not what you like. But not having enough to eat is worse. In Wallonia one in four kids is living beyond the poverty line. Make a donation.”

This is revolting, even for a cat. Belgium is a first world country. One in four kids beyond the poverty line? Politicians are still able to sleep? Still get elected? What’s wrong with this society? What’s wrong with humanity? Isn’t anyone telling the majority that there is one in four kids living (existing) beyond the poverty line? Unfortunately you hear it nearly every day. Every year there is a big donation on TV. Every year they have a new record of donation. Nothing changes. Next elections Belgians are voting for the same parties as usual who change nothing. Maybe next year it’s no longer one in four. Maybe it’s already one in three. But still voting for the same parties. Still the same scapegoat. Only the names change. But having a new unnecessary car is much more important then kids living below the poverty line.

Just to show you that nothing will change a verse from ‘Punk rock song’ by Bad Religion written 1996. Nothing changes.

10 million dollars on a losing campaign
20 million starving and writhing in pain
big strong people unwilling to give
small in vision and perspective
one in five kids below the poverty line
one population runnin’ out of time

I’m pissed with humanity.

See you next Monday.

Photo from the stock, preferred photographer has other things on her mind than taking new photos of me.





4 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone! Ausone! what a cross face. Listen, we are not humans. We are better than them. That’s why they worship us and give us dinners. Mine is still unwell so I am keeping her company and washing her face every now and then. It is dark and cold here. The small Fur Puller came for lunch on Sunday and POKED me under the duvet again. She thinks it’s very funny when I squeak. I hissed at her! The other one doesn’t do much at the moment. …..prrt………….

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    1. Hi Kitteny, I know and you know that you’re right. But injured animals are dangerous animals. And humans are nothing but strange animals.I don’t want them to be injured it’s dangerous for us And they do have a technical advantage. They have more arms than we have. Take good care of your human, they need that from time to time. See you next week


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