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Good morning, Humans. Another week gone, school holidays are over. Noise is back. And with the noise the cold came too. It’s getting fresh, I say. Not yet really cold but less cosy. And even if it would be cold I’m protected. I wear fur and I’m allowed to, it’s natural. No animal had to die for it.

The noise is still produced by the guys “repairing” the pavement. I don’t get this “planning”, if you want to call it like that. Summer month it’s dry, you have light for a very long time. Fall and beginning winter, sun rises a bit later and it’s wetter and colder. Some days it’s pouring. How do you work when you see nothing and when everything’s soggy? And why haven’t they finished their job last year? When they started on the other side of the road?

Belgian drivers don’t give a fuck that this residential road is now mostly a construction site. It’s really kind of funny to watch them. The road is blocked by a sign and half of a barrier. If you’re not living in this street and you just want to pass. Instead of straight ahead just slightly to the left and you use the parallel road. Which leads? Exactly to the same place like the one that’s partially blocked. And there are no construction workers that you may eventually kill. While sending hyper important texts messages. And I’m not talking about animals that you may kill. Not one Belgian driver gives a f… about. If you would ask them all of them would reply. “I pay attention while driving.” Yup, lying in this case isn’t prosecuted. There was a funny video on FB. A Belgian driving instructor told his pupils that due to a new law they HAVE TO text while driving. All the pupils would have made an accident, would have killed any being that passed on the road. All said after the test. ‘But it’s dangerous texting while driving’ All of them. 2 weeks after they have their license they have all forgotten.

A bit politics?

As my human nearly promised that I won’t talk about the US elections. I’ll keep it as short as possible.

Last week, FBI director opened investigations on the email sent from a wrong computer of one candidate. This morning the candidate was cleared of the accusations. By the FBI. Cui bono? Being misogynist, xenophobe and borderline fascist is not worth an investigation? Hey, I’m just a cat. How should I know?

Despite my repeated very strong hints. My preferred photographer, again, hasn’t taken new photos of me. OK, she may have an excuse for Sunday. She was visiting a Buddhist temple with some friends. No, she’s neither a Buddhist(yet) nor a vegetarian. That’s the male one. And just in case, this hurts no one. On the contrary.

Thus the photo was, again, taken by my human with his phone. And for the circumstances it’s kinda OK. Just me on the bed after my second morning stroll. Trying to decide: sleeping or not. A cat’s life isn’t that easy.


Have a nice week

See you next Monday

Take care of yourself (and others)




2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone! Ausone! There are lots of cats on Twitter. They hang out at #palsporch and tweet. I have joined them. I am sorry about the noise ~ we had banging fireworks all weekend. Kept making me jump. Now, I am keeping a low profile under the duvet to protect it. And it is cold here too. And one of the food bowl fillers has flu so I am on nursing patrol as well. Really, I don’t know how they’d manage if I wasn’t here! …ppprrrrt…..


    1. Hi Kitteny, will have to live with the noise. Fireworks only end of year and carnival. But my human is used to having carnival from November until February/March. Big festivities noise and everything the last 3 days. But not here in Belgium every weekend another town starting early January, fireworks included. The most you just see, but it’s too far off to hear it. The machinery in front of the house you hear from 7:15 in the morning on. We will see how they will react with snow? We may have snow Wednesday morning. Wet and cold feet in the morning, not that I like that. Take good care of your sick bowl filler. Good ones are needed. See you next week, may have a look at this Twitter thing you mentioned


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