Review: THE OTHER TWIN by Lesley Hayes


Lesley Hayes won my “Writer of the Year Award”, so I was dead keen to read her newest book. I finally got round to do so, and I was not disappointed.

The Other Twin-cover

The book explores deep connections between people and twins. Verity’s mother always wanted and expected twins, leaving Verity feeling empty or incomplete. When she mets Ned, maybe she has found that what was missing.
Complications are amass, with the family baggage that Ned brings along: his difficult and hateful daughter, his provoking teenage son, his mother….

The author’s background in psychology soon shines through every pore of this magnificent work of art, as we witness her un-layering the characters and keeping us at the edge of our seat trying to figure out what is behind the turnmoil.

A tempting, handsome stranger forces a choice on her – introducing yet another duality that runs through this novel. Symbolism, great metaphors…

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