Ausone’s notebook, 52.nd instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Hello, humans. Here we are again. Another jubilee edition. One year of my ranting and musings. To be honest, I never thought that I would do this for such a long time. But apparently there are some people reading it (Thank you very much for that). And as long as there are people reading it, I will continue.

Will there be a change in topics? Nope. I’m writing, to be more precise, dictating what comes to my mind. Even if my pen pal sometimes accuses me of using big words. Kitteny, being young isn’t an excuse. You’re a cat. Eventually, you’re just not interested. Which is your right! And no one can take that away from you. But, I propose that you listen from time to time when your human is talking about these things. You may learn some useful things. Or not. I will certainly continue commenting politics, human follies. (Is there a difference?) If there is something on my mind, cat related issues. My pet issue. Flavour of cat food. I repeat it again, no we are not hunting tuna. Never have and never will. So why is cat food (dried or humid) tuna flavoured? Mice, rat? Ever heard. Nope, cat food is flavoured with something that we don’t normally eat or hunt. Beef? The last time I had a look there was a difference between a tiger or a lion and ME. Several hundred pounds of weight. Could you imagine a 5 kilo cat hunting a bull who weighs a ton?

Sometimes local politics. Road bumps in the street in front of the house. Perfectly placed, no driver gives a damn about them. They are rolling like it’s a highway (with their f…ing mobile phones pressed to their ears). There’s a slightly bigger one, a little up the road. Which slows down the traffic a bit. Does it make sense where it is? Depends. There’s a school and a 4way crossing. Even the most idiotic drivers will slow down. Street bumps or not.

For certain reasons I won’t talk about my humans. They will be mentioned regularly. But not in detail. Female doesn’t want to, doesn’t like it. I can and will respect that. There will never be any photos of them. Me, crappy pure breed, the other animals will be shown. If this is fair, I let you, dear readers, decide. Just in case, you have your opinion and you’re willing to share it. Save your breath, Milady has made her choice and there is no one capable of making her change .

No one. Speaking of Milady, who is the preferred photographer, as you should/could know by now. She hasn’t taken any new photos of me (or pure breed). But this isn’t a problem. For this jubilee edition we’ll take one of the two favourite photos of me. My secretary’s opinion and decision. According to him and his completely unbiased opinion. This photo is the essence of me. If he likes it, so be it. I won’t complain.

Ausone just head sideways

See you next week with further musings and ranting of a simple cat.




2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, 52.nd instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone! Ausone! It is autumn. There are leaves to chase. Yesterday i climbed the walnut tree and stayed up there for hours. They never found me. I agree about the cat food. Why isn’t there mouse flavour? Or frog? or green slimy flowerpot water flavour (my fave)? or CHEESE flavour..(my second fave)? Nobody consults us. Must go …leaf falling …ppprrrtttt


    1. Hi Kitteny, never tried a frog. But something that’s called a slow worm. It looks like a serpent but it isn’t. If the female sees me with one she’s taking them away. Stealing from me. No problem with flowerpot water. Enough possibilities in the different gardens here. I’m not chasing leaves. Pure breed is chasing the moss balls that are falling from the roof. And just as a word of advise if you ever happen to catch a mole. Don’t try to eat it. Their fur is pure horror. Much to dense to take it away. Get chased away from the computer, my human has to write book reviews. Hey take your time


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