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Hello, humans. It’s Monday and here I am again. Did you miss me? To answer myself, I don’t think so. But nevertheless I will annoy you again.

There is no anniversary or a jubilee to celebrate today. So, we’re back to the usual stuff. Things that happen at cat castle. And this time it’s things that happened.

Last week, something happened to or with crappy pure breed.

What happened? It all started normal. My favourite human was doing his running in the morning. Temperatures in the low thirties were announced for the early afternoon. As he came back from his run, we (both cats) entered. I was snacking and then leaving. Pure breed took one of his preferred sleeping places and slept for a while. I was visiting my human regularly. Who was “working” upstairs. Early afternoon, I convinced him that it may be necessary to reload my food bowl. Was just to make him move. There was still enough food in it, dry food that is. As we came downstairs my human ignored my demand for food. He had realized there was no longer pure breed in the chair. But there were traces of vomit. In front of the chair and on the way outside. The one in front of the chair was a small quantity of solid food. And the traces were just palm size spots of liquid. He cleaned the vomit (and then finally took care of ME). Rashid returned. Walking straight to his bowl. Which was covered to protect from the flies (there are a lot). Rashid looked at the bowl, looked at my human and left. Late afternoon Milady returned, was told that Rashid vomited and that since he wasn’t eating. She tried. Food was exchanged. Rashid came, had at look at it and left. Next try, some cheese was added, same reaction from Rashid. Looked at it, even sniffed it and left. Rashid wasn’t eating. Heard my humans discuss it. OK, it’s not normal that Rashid isn’t eating but one day means nothing. We will supervise him the next day and if nothing changes. Milady interrupting. “If nothing changes then it’s veterinary!” At night Rashid wasn’t sleeping at his usual place, next to Milady. Next morning, Rashid did exactly like the day before. Walking to his bowl, sniffing and then leaving without eating. Milady: “If he’s still not eating this evening, I make an appointment at the vet.” Late afternoon, Rashid ate. His food with some of y dry food added. Quantity? A teaspoon full and not a heaping one. During the evening he did the same twice. Every time in very small quantities. At night, he stole MY sleeping place, next to MY human and he was purring. Light at the end of the tunnel? At 5 o’clock he was waking up Milady and asking to be fed. And since Friday morning 5:00 am, everything is back to normal again.

What can humans learn from this?

First, cats are vomiting. It’s normal. If you’ve ever looked at a cat you may have noticed that cats are constantly licking themselves. And if you were ever licked by a cat (a strong sign of affection, by the way). You may have noticed that the tongue of a cat feels a bit rough. In fact, it’s a bit like a rasp. Which is very helpful. If a cat licks himself the cat is cleaning, combing and massaging himself. The tiny disadvantage is a lot of the loose hair from our fur goes than to our stomach. And stays there. It’s not leaving us the usual way but it has to leave. Thus, cats are eating grass. It’s not that we feed on grass. We are not cows. We are swallowing the grass, which makes us vomit and the hair balls are out. So, supervise what your cat vomits. Mostly clear liquid with traces of grass in it. Absolutely normal, healthy and necessary.

Second. A single vomit,. No harm, just supervise. Regular vomiting, VETERINARY.

In order to show you the culprit, a photo of crappy pure breed today. Not vomiting. Photo as usual by the preferred photographer.


See you next Monday with edition 52 which means one year of annoying!




2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone Ausone! This is no good! Tell the cat he needs to throw up on the carpet. Or in the humans’ slippers. Or preferably, at the bottom of the bed. These are all places I use. AND I try to throw up when they have guests over. Stops them from raiding my food. There is a letter from the vet here saying I have to go for my boosters. I say: they have to catch me first. Oh yes. …………ppprrrtt…………….

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    1. Hi Kitteny, I uess Rashid (the cat) didn’t choose the place. He had to vomit. He had eaten something that wasn’t good for him. No time to choose a place. He prefers to piss on beds if he’s angry or too annoyed. For your vaccination: Just trust your humans if they think it’s necessary for you. It might be. In the end they will catch you. They always do. Although there are sites on the web who say that booster shots are a bit of an overkill. But trust your humans they kind of love you so they won’t harm you on purpose. See ya


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