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Hello, humans. There it is, number 50. The fiftieth time that, you humans, have the pleasure of reading my random musings. Musings about life as a cat, human follies and anything else that comes to my ‘little grey cells’.

Have I achieved something? Have I ever had the idea of achieving something?

At first, knowing humans a bit I can honestly say. I never, ever thought about achieving something. Humans, in general, just don’t care. In general, they do something and are afterwards utterly surprised about the consequences. Just as an example. Yesterday, my favourite human published a tweet about a book about cats. A negative book about cats. Cats are an invasive species, capable of exterminating other species, thus worse than DDT. They had(or have) a very nice example. A small island, off the coast of Australia. With a wren, a little ground living songbird. Humans came, brought with them pets. Cats among them. Let loose a pregnant cat. Took the cats a year to eradicate the wrens. Took humans 30 years to eradicate the cat population. One has to ask himself some questions. First, who brought cats to this island? It wasn’t the cats taking the decision to come to this island. Second, who let the cats loose? The cats were only doing their job. Humans USE cats for pest reduction. The cats were doing exactly that on this island. Cats don’t distinguish between beautiful and not beautiful. They don’t care about skin colour or politics or religion. That’s entirely human. Cats don’t do that. But for some Scientifics, the responsible for the extinction of the wrens on this island are CATS. Sorry no, if you do something think about the consequences first.

But is there something positive of writing (or to be precise: dictating) 50 times my random musings?

Yup, there are some, an ever growing number (still small but nevertheless) of people reading my weekly rumble. I THANK YOU ALL. It’s a pleasure, knowing that, at least, some humans read what my grey cells produce. And to, by no means, not forget: I have a pen pal. A cat living in the UK with the name of Kitteny. Thanks a lot, Kitteny. It’s a pleasure reading your weekly comment.

What will the future bring? I don’t know. I will (and this I promise) continue to annoy humanity with my weekly outing. Will it change something, someday? I doubt, but at least I’m trying. Can’t do more. I’m just a cat.

Today’s photo is the last one of the series, taken some weeks ago, by my preferred photographer. She urgently has to take some new photos. And before I forget. I have to thank her too, for taking these photos of me. I won’t mention her name, she doesn’t like to figure in my rambling.


See you next Monday ( I hope)




4 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes! Ausone! Ausone! Whaaaat? I haven’t written one single blog. How clever are you? Not as clever as me…before you try to answer. Here are some examples: 1. I am still occupying the ‘Writing Chair’. 2. I nearly caught a pigeon. 3. I managed to spread cheese all over the living room rug 4. I nearly caught a big spider only it went under the wardrobe. 5. I got out of the house before the small Fur Puller arrived. When you can do all these things, and you are still little, then I think you are a clever cat. ..prrrttt……………….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hah, you may be clever (sure you are) but you have reading problems.1. I never said you are not clever. Never have and never will. You’re young that’s all. 2. And most important. I never said you were writing blog posts. Just that you comment weekly on MY blog posts. And this YOU are doing. How could I reply if you weren’t writing? But why did you spread cheese over the rug? And I don’t eat spiders. That’s the pure breed. Once hunted one, boring stuff not fast enough Cheers


  2. Ausone, you are a very handsome chap and you slightly resemble a ginger fellow who’s been smitten with our Zoe since we arrived in England and keeps watching her from outside when she parades on the windowsill, bringing presents etc. However, you look far more intelligent and charming, so I think I will encourage Zoe to write to you too. However, her English is still poor.

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