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Hello, Humans. Monday morning, cat’s back, usual problem.

What to write about? This time, the problem is a bit different. You see, as there are 2 kind of important notebook entries looming in the near future. Number 50 next week and shortly after that the one year anniversary of my notebook. I thought of writing something special for these 2 occasions. Thinking about something special for two upcoming entries is a lot of work for my “tiny, little brain”. Thus the plan was writing something very light today and saving my energy for the big ones.

Unfortunately the holiday season is kind of over. Politicians are back. Actuality changed my plan.

Let’s start with the “easy” one. There were regional elections in the country where my favourite human grew up. In Germany. Not exactly where he grew up. The farthest away from where he grew up. But still in Germany. The results of this election were not really a surprise. It was quite expected that the chancelerette’s party would receive a little beating. It was a bit stronger than expected. In short, in the former “socialist” part of the Germany they were voting for the right wing. Not for the extreme right. But as right wing as possible to not be called ‘Nazi’. They voted for ‘AfD’ which stands for ‘Alternative für Deutschland”. Which is kind of a “Kreide fressende”  right wing party. ‘Kreide fressen’ would be something related to a fairytale of the Brother’s Grimm. Where the wolf eats chalk to get a more pleasant voice, to then deceive the 7 little goats. You may take the name of this party literally. Yes, it is an alternative. But it’s an alternative that Germany already tried. And it wasn’t working! It’s a bit of a German version of UKIP. Take one group, blame them for everything that’s not working, that’s causing some problems. And you will get elected. Works in the UK, in France and for sure in Germany, too. What will happen now in Germany? As Mrs Merkel seems to come directly from a book of Robert Musil ”Der Mann ohne Eigenschaften” (The Man without Qualities” in English). Mrs Merkel’s goal was to become chancellor and since she has achieved this goal several years ago. Her goal now is just to stay chancellor.  So, she will do what’s necessary to stay in power. Changing the direction of her politic, getting more severe with refugees.Need more about that? If you speak German, watch some YouTube videos. Urban Priol, a German comedian, has some very nice things about this “lady”.

The more complicated, harsher one happened in Belgium. Friday, there was a reunion at the European headquarter of an American producer of construction machines. An American manager appeared. Read out loud, a press release, completely in English, answered no question and left. The press release was the announcement that they are closing down their European headquarters in Gosselies. 2000 people will be laid of. And these are only those who were working for this company. With subcontractors included, we are talking about 6000 people. The announcement came two days after the Belgian government announced further tax reduction for companies. As the EC already told the Belgian government this should not influence your budget. The Belgian government must now find other ways to get the money because companies will pay less now. And companies can avoid paying taxes. The “normal” citizen cannot. Do the math. Who will pay the tax reduction for companies?

And I wanted to write something easy, something completely cat based. You can’t always get what you want. Next week, for number 50, I’ll promise to do my best. Let’s just hope that the politicians will let me.

Another picture from the series that my favourite photographer took 2 weeks ago. She’s really good.

Ausone looking interested

See you next week




2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes:Ausone!Ausone! what????? I had to read this twice and I didn’t get a lot of the big words. You forget I am only little. Listen: that grey Korat cat from 2 doors down sits in MY front garden. All day. I told her! I did! Doesn’t listen. I sit on the first floor window fluffing up and swearing. And it’s raining here and I got wet. Am now occupying writing chair. That’ll teach them

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kitteny, as you said you’re only little. Don’t forget I’m already old(er). You’ll learn all that if you want to. It’s like the skills that you have now you hadn’t when you were even younger. To be honest, don’t learn these big words it’s not fun.
      You know why this cat is sitting in your front garden? Maybe she wants to play or just have a nice chat. Just ask, won’t harm. Maybe you find a a friend? And if not you know how to handle it, don’t you?


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