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Good morning, humans. And you have to imagine this with a cheerful, happy voice.

You may ask why? It’s quite simple. It’s breathable. The heat wave seems to be over. Temperatures are acceptable.

And to add a layer to the joy. TTIP is, for the moment at least, stopped. Negotiations have failed.

For those of you who don’t know what TTIP is. It is (or should have been) a treaty between the US and the European community. Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. Sounds good, at first. Unfortunately, it just sounded good. It was meant to facilitate the trade between the US and the EC. Which still sounds good. But one of the bad things was, for example. In Europe, you have a certain standard of food safety that’s maybe a bit higher than the one in the US. To ease trade, the plan was to lower these standards. Another thing was, give the opportunity to companies to choose the court they want to. Not the states, only the companies. So if, for example, Monsanto (aka the devil) would not accept that several European countries don’t want GMOs on their soil. They could drag them in front of a court. And as Monsanto could choose the court they want. You can bet your ass they would choose the court who will judge in their favour. If, for some inexplicable reasons the judge would not make a decision like Monsanto want him to. Monsanto would have the right to appeal. If the judge would take a decision like Monsanto wants him to, the state would NOT have the right to appeal. Sounds nice. And it’s exactly the same with any laws that a company thinks would be in favour of their employees/workers. They could just drag the state in front of a court to abandon these laws. You may ask yourself who is in favour of a crap like this? Easy, those who believe in the new god, money. You may think of some sort of anticipated bribery. Even politicians may need a job after their political career or just want to earn the big money now. Like the former European politician José Manuel Barroso, who’s now working for Goldmann Sachs. “Honi soit qui mal y pense.”  Guess this started with a German commissioner, Martin Bangemann. Who was European commissioner for Telecommunication. After he finished his mandate he changed to a Spanish Telecommunication company. Who, by pure coincidence, profited well from the time of Mr Bangemann as commissioner.

OK, the reason why the negotiations failed was not that the politicians realised this is complete crap. They failed because there will be elections in 2017 in France and Germany. And these two governments fear that they will lose the elections if the contract will be signed before. The majority of European citizens don’t want this contract. Even those who normally follow everything that their governments will decide. The contract negotiations were in secrecy. And if you have to negotiate something in secrecy, this can’t be good.

But for the moment it’s stopped and this is good.

Favourite photographer took some new pictures. Was on one of the rare evenings I came home last week. Even on the photo, you can see it was hot.

Ausone 23.08 (1)

See you next week




2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone! Ausone! what is all this about? TTIP? All you need worry about is how much food is in your bowl. I have a new sleeping place, on the office chair…if I PUSH with my back legs, they have to get off and leave me to it. Humans! They think they own the furniture. They are so wrong. Like the pic. What did you get up to on your night ventures?

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    1. Hi Kitteny, on one hand you’re right. BUT… last year the farmer who’s taking care of the fields next to the garden asked if he could/should use his spray on the border to our garden. There were some, or if you want to a lot of nettles. He was authorized. So he did it. What do you think happened with the area where he used this spray? There is nothing living any more, it’s dead. Not only the nettles, the grass too. And if there once were some mice there aren’t any more. I want to hunt them myself. The strip where he used his spray is like a desert. That’s not good. Therefore I don’t want TTIP. My night ventures? Freedom and fresh air. But everything comes at a price, doors were closed when I wanted to get back home. Had to wait till the morning. Maybe get myself a cell phone one day 😉


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