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Hello, humans.

It’s Monday another week has passed. Not much happened here in my little corner of the world. No BBQ of the new neighbours. Nothing, just a calm week.

It’s Monday another week has passed, Not much happened here in my little corner of the world. No BBQ of the new neighbours. Nothing, just a calm week.

This gives me two opportunities.

Number 1: Dear Readers, if you want me to express my opinion. My thoughts about something that’s interesting for you. Just let me know. There’s a comment section below. Tell me what I should talk about. And I will do my very best. Can’t promise that it will happen immediately. But I will talk about whatever my readers want me to talk about. (Sounds kind of nice and intimidating at the same time, “My readers”).

Number 2: Finally, I can rant a bit. The two major sports event for the year are over. The European football Championship and the XXXI. Olympic games. Which is….nice. Hopefully, there will be less nationalism in the news now. I, as a simple cat, don’t get it. Let me explain and I will use Belgium as an example. I’ve already mentioned, some weeks ago. That the Belgians have this, more or less, ridiculous habit of giving names to their teams. Not clubs, the national teams. In general, “Red whatever”, The relay 4x400m is called “Belgian tornados”. Hockey team “Red eagles”. And the Belgian media is, as expected, exxagerating. Interviews, at 7 am. With the enormous outcome. “We want to win.” No one expected something like that. Isn’t this normal, You compete, you qualify for the final, you want to win the final. If you don’t want to win the final, why competing in it? For the hockey team, it was even more annoying than for the rest. They’ve won their semi-final on a Tuesday and the final was on a Thursday; both in the middle of the night. So Wednesday morning the news started with “Red eagles” qualified for the final. All of Belgium is behind them. Followed by an interview with a player about how they will play in the final. And what to think about their opponent. Thursday morning a feature about their coach, who isn’t Belgian. Hope, he won’t have the same destiny as the coach of the football team. Who was sacked after the Belgians were elimintaed from the Championship. Because the “Red eagles” lost their final. Something that comes not as a complete surprise. They weren’t competing against a group of kids from the local kindergarten. They were competing against another team who qualified for the final. And who wanted to win too. And as only one team can win. Why can’t they just accept that there is just one team who can win. Yes, after you’ve lost the final you have the right to be disappointed. But you were qualified for the final. Isn’t this something good? You just can’t always win.

And it’s not like that only in Belgium. It’s the same crap in Germany. After half of the events were over. German media interviewed the chef d’equipe. Who was disappointed. Some results were good, others will face serious consequences. Will they be sent to prison or maybe even killed? For not winning in a sports competition? I’m quite sure the German chef d’equipe never participated in high level sports. So, I’ve absolutely no idea what the f… he’s talking about. Maybe they will just get less money and those who won get more. Or maybe, really, just maybe they will realise one day that there are other participants who can win too. In any sports. If you won yesterday, you may not win today or tomorrow.

No new photos made. Maybe next week we’ll have some. Thus, a photo from the stock. And just for a change, the annoying pure breed.

Rashid knee

See you next week




2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone! Ausone! More fleas, more nasty stuff. The little fur puller has come out in red bite marks. It is all my fault apparently…huh! Saw off the new kitten..that’ll teach her. I am trying to reassert my right to the office chair – as my den in next-door’s kitchen roof has been blocked off. Keep getting told it’s a ‘writing chair’. Not if I say it is a sleeping chair, it’s not! The cheek of these humans – you’d think they owned the place! …………pppprttttttttttttt……………..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kitteny, there is something I don’t quite get. If I remember it right they put that stuff on you. That stuff against fleas. Which means you don’t have them any more. So the bites on the fur puller can’t be your fault. Because you don’t have fleas any more. With this false accusation you have the right to the chair. Even if it should be a “writing chair”. As re-compensation for false accusations you earned the right. I rest my case. Keep fighting!


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