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Hello, humans. Last week I tried to be a bit more positive. And I failed. I failed utterly. Why did I fail? I commented, again, on human idiocy. Reading my last weekly outings you could come to the conclusion that I’m a depressed cat. I am not, by no means. But if you’re commenting on human behaviour, especially on politics, there are only two possibilities. Either you sound depressed or you sound sarcastic. I’ve chosen the non-sarcastic way and I sound thus depressed. What does this mean? Should I no longer comment on politics? No longer listening to the news I (have to) hear on the radio? It’s not possible the radio is on as soon as we arrive downstairs in the morning. OK, this morning I had the possibility to avoid the news. Unfortunately, I listened to the news while having breakfast after my morning stroll.

There was a new attack last Saturday. A guy (using the description, an idiot would be possible too) attacked a police station in Charleroi. Due to the threat, the police station is secured which means you can’t just walk in in a straight line. One guy with a back-pack walked in. Pulling out a machete and attacked the present two female police officers. The noise alerted a third police officer. Result: 2 blessed police officers and a dead attacker. It’s a bit like a mouse walking in on three dozing cats.

After the description of the, at that moment, known facts.  They were interviewing a professor of politics from one of the Belgian universities. Attack happened on Saturday, interview on Monday morning. While introducing the following subject the presenter was talking about “Islamic state”. The professor not once, he called them correctly ‘Daesh’. They don’t have a state. The professor explained how this attack was labelled a ‘terrorist attack’. Daesh claimed that this was an attack in her name. There is NO, not a single confirmation that ‘Daesh’ ordered or even planned this attack. They just said that this was in their name. To attract supporters. Because in their belief someone dying in a holy war will go straight to paradise. This thingy with the 74 virgins. There is a very nice video on YouTube from Billy Connolly about this subject.

Then to brighten my day they switched subjects. Olympics. The Belgian hockey team beat Brazil 12-0. They interviewed a player after the match. After the standard senseless questions. ‘How are you feeling after this win?’ Not a single player will ever tell the truth. I’m sweaty, thirsty and in need of a shower. And I don’t want to answer pointless questions.. The interviewer asked THE question and the interviewee gave the strange answer. R:” You were congratulated after the match by the king. What did he say?” P: “The king said: Thank you for the match, thank you for Belgium.” I nearly vomited my breakfast. I’ve heard from my human that years ago (yes, my human’s old), there was a British decathlete. Who only gave interviews if the reporter was capable of citing the 10 disciplines of the decathlon. And citing them in the correct order. If those who read this blog are too young to know, the guy’s name is Daley Thompson.

Something I don’t know if positive or not. The Japanese emperor made a speech on the radio. Everyone knew what he wanted to say, but he wasn’t allowed to say it. The emperor is 82 years old, cancer survivor, has some health problems and he’s not allowed to abdicate. Because this option isn’t mentioned in the Japanese constitution. So, he made his speech this morning saying what he wanted to say, without saying it. A nice exercise in politics.

I’m afraid I’m again not as positive as I should or could be.

But…I have a very nice photo.

Photographer no longer on holidays or on strike. Yesterday the weather was quite perfect for the animal population in the castle. Thus; nearly the whole non-feline population in one photo. One of the turtles you can’t see because he or she is behind the rabbit. If you look at this photo you can’t be depressed.

tout le monde dans le jardin

See you next Monday




4 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny says: Ausone! Ausone! I am in such *trouble*. Last night the human next door ( the one I sit under his cat scarer) came round and TOLD my human about my secret den in his roof! So today I have to stay inside while he blocks it up. MY SECRET DEN! It’s not as if I was doing any harm…it was a good place to hang out and catch 40 winks before patrolling the outer borders of my territory. Humans. Have to live with them. Wish I didn’t have to. ….pprrrt………….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No, you aren’t in “trouble”. Just see it as another human folly. For humans the place where you “hide” may be dangerous for you. They just don’t get that a cat doesn’t put herself in danger. And don’t forget humans are there to provide food and shelter and for this reason we stay with them. Sometimes affection plays a part in it too. Imagine you would be here. The new tenants are movinbg in next door. Different smells, different sounds. Constant movement. My morning observation place is in constant activity. They even have kids. One already here (too old to fur pull) the other coming in some months. It will be noisy….


  2. Ausomne! Ausone! Listen to this and tell me it’s unfair! Yesterday the human next door came round and said I had been getting into his roof space so he wants to block it off! BUT. That is my secret den – I can hang out and pretend I’m deaf and not answer when they shout for me. PLUS it was a secret! PLUS I wasn’t doing any harm..just sleeping. So today I am not allowed out until he blocks off the entrance. Humans. Can’t live without them, don’t want to live with them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How should a human get that you are not doing any harm? You’re talking about humans. They get it if we want something to eat and if we want to get out into nature. And that’s nearly all


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