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Humans. Apparently my favourite human has again mentioned on Twitter that I will be back today and, more important, that I may be in a better mood. This is so wrong it nearly hurts.

First, it means that I’m in a bad mood. Wrong. I wasn’t, am not and probably will not be. I’m just pissed with humanity. Second, this may indicate that I will change my mood on command. Stop dreaming. Never happened, will never happen. Not on order.

Why am I pissed with humanity?

There are so many reasons.

You just have to listen to the news on the radio. (Reminder: My humans don’t have TV). What will you hear in the news on the radio? Bad news in general. It doesn’t happen very often that you hear something good. A very big part of what you hear is complete rubbish. Newsworthy? No.

You want some examples?

During the European Football Championship, the news started one day with: 2 days until the decisive match for the Belgian team. Next news was: Britain voted for Brexit. I don’t get that. One of these two news is kind of important, the other senseless crap.

Several weeks ago there was an accident with a plane over the Mediterranean. 200 dead, 1 Belgian. Please explain that to me. 200 dead, 1 Belgian. Is the one from Belgium more important than the others? Don’t the people who write this news think that the people close to the dead Belgian know it already? And if not, do they think it is something nice to get this news via the radio. And what’s the important point for all the other more than 9 million Belgians who don’t know the one Belgian who was on this plane? At the moment it is, as it is called in the mother tongue of my human, “Saure Gurken Zeit”. It’s summer, the politicians are on holiday and thus NOT talking crap. So there would be time to pass some important or maybe not so important but positive news. Is there? Depends. Yesterday there was a 2-minute feature on the news at 8pm about the concert of an American female pop singer. Complicated to say if this could be judged as important or if not then at least as positive. Question of taste, I guess. The Belgian football league started (again). Positive? In a week the Olympics start. There will be again the usual nationalism overflow. Fortunately a lot less than with Football. The Belgians do call all their team sports teams “Red something” with something, an animal. To say that it sounds ridiculous, would not be exaggerated. But I’m pretty sure there was a marketing agency somewhere that got a lot of money for this ‘idea’.

As expected you could’ve heard on the radio that one part of the Belgians who are competing in the Olympics have left for Brazil. It was mid last week, beginning this week. As the distance from here to Brazil is a bit more than you could do with a 20-minute train ride. It sounds kind of logic to me. So, what’s the news in it? That there are a lot of problems with the Olympics in Brazil you hear nothing on the radio. Not that the acceptance of the Olympics in Brazil among Brazilian has dropped significantly. Not that the IOC has, once again, shown that their concern is sport, it’s just money. And nothing else. That they didn’t accept the Russian runner who helped to uncover/expose the Russian state organized doping system. For principal reasons only. And not for the reason that the president of the IOC and the Russian president are personal friends. You might believe that if you want to. You may even believe in Santa Claus or that this planet is a disk carried by four giant turtles. You are allowed to believe in everything that you want.

Yup, humanity is going down the drain, it’s just a question of time. But that’s only humanity, not this planet.

Sorry that I wasn’t more positive.

Female photographer still on strike or on holiday. So, photo, again, from the stock.

Ausone thinking

See you next Monday




2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone! Ausone! Grumpy cat!! Listen to this: the Fur Puller has nits! they found them yesterday. Hahahaha … amazing how much fuss they made. I have fleas, but they don’t go on and on about it. I just get stuff put on the back of my neck. Humans. In other news…. the Kitten Next Door almost made it over the fence….. I was waiting on the other side. That’s why it was ‘almost’. Hope you feel more cheerful next week. I could send you a few nits, if you want?………..pprrrt………….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OK, I’m grumpy. I’m allowed to, I’m a senior cat. Even mentioned on the dry food. But you see the problem: The fur puller has something that’s quite normal. And big fuss. You have fleas, I have fleas, even the pure breed has fleas. We get something in the neck (which no one likes) and it’s good. No fuss. Why do humans make a fuss about something natural. Even your next door kitten trying to visit YOUR garden is normal. YOU defending YOUR garden is normal too. No fuss. But humans have to make a fuss about anything. That’s so annoying. Me complaining is normal too. I’m old and I’m grumpy. And? I hurt no one

      Liked by 1 person

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