#Bookreview ‘Echoes through the Vatican’ by K.Francis Ryan

Today I’m reviewing ‘Echoes through the Vatican’ by K. Francis Ryan

Echoes through the vatican by K.Francis Ryan

Blurb (from Amazon):

Julian Blessing is an ordinary man with extraordinary abilities. While in Rome to investigate an ancient mystery, Julian is plunged into a world of paranormal power, deception and danger. At the heart of it all is a baffling cipher – The Jesuit Book.
A shadow organization, tracing its dark ancestry back two thousand years, wants only one thing from Julian – Assassinate the pope, the leader of 1.2 billion Roman Catholics.
A corrupt cardinal, an honourable priest, a sadistic mobster, a whorehouse madam and a stymied police inspector – They all want something and that something is Julian Blessing.
The loss of everything Julian would give up his life to protect is the consequence if he fails to navigate the deadly maze of Vatican intrigue.
With everything at stake, what if you lose? And what of the Jesuit Book?

Did I like it?

Very complicated to judge. The non-paranormal parts yes, the paranormal parts more like kind of. There is the part of communication via thoughts. Which I’m not struggling with. And then there are the parts that are a bit less easy to ‘accept’. Like: Bad guy opening a drawer of his desk where his gun is in. And the ‘good guy’ started a fire in there. Controlling body functions of someone else. Killing someone from a distance via body control. That’s a bit harder to swallow.

What I didn’t like?

As mentioned above: When the paranormal exceeds communication. It’s very complicated to accept, to like.

Would I recommend it?

As a first step into paranormal, why not. Perhaps not the typical paranormal book; no ghosts or alike. A MC struggling with his new powers. I really like the cover. Giving points on my scale isn’t easy, 14 to 16?



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