Ausone’s notebook, 43.rd instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Hello, humans.

Bah, that was close. Was nearly calling you bunch of b… i… But I shouldn’t do this. First of all, I would generalize. And every time you generalize you’re wrong. There are certainly humans who do have a brain and are even capable of using it. And secondly, I would use a comparison with a mental illness for the means of an insult. And this no one should do. Every illness is a too serious matter to use it as an insult. So I haven’t called the whole humanity a bunch of brainless idiots. Bugger, I did it. OK, but I don’t mean all. So, not every human is a brainless idiot. A lot but not all.

You don’t believe me?

15 days ago there was this attack in France. 3 days in the news. All sorts of rumours. And then NOTHING.

During the last days there were several attacks in the country of origin of my favourite human (I didn’t mean him!). One was even quite close to the place where he grew up. There was one attack in a train where a man attacked several passengers with a hatchet and a knife. Who’s travelling with a hatchet, for heaven’s sake? Then there was a young guy who was bullied a long time. Send out fake Facebook invites and then killed a lot of people. And the third one, the one close to the place where my human grew up. A guy had an argument with a woman.

Argument got heated, attacked the woman with a knife. And was then attacking two other humans. And for sure the first thing that you heard: Possible link to terrorists. Just for making things a bit more clear to the b… bunch.

Possible means yes OR no.

So, jumping to conclusion may be a bit over reacting, just a bit. Calling for more security may be a bit, for the lack of a better word, idiotic, too. What does it mean more security? Doing anything to avoid that these things happen again. Every one boarding a train will have to pass the same gates like they have on airports. Every one going to town will have to do this, too. So, for more security you will have to reduce your personal freedom. You want that? I, as a cat, I don’t want to get searched for weapons when I enter the field next to the house for my morning p….

Last week I promised I will talk again a bit about Brexit. And as expected there was again a British politician who had something “intelligent” to say. The secretary for Brexit (D.Davis). He said something in the line of that he will do anything to guarantee that those from member states of the EC will be allowed to stay. But no new ones will be allowed to move to Britain. I’m waiting that the EC will come with something similar. We will do anything that those British living in the EC will be allowed to stay. For both of these statements you have to mentally finish the phrase. I will do anything but I can guarantee nothing. As expected Britain (those who voted for Brexit) wants to have all the advantages but doesn’t want to be bothered with the disadvantages.

Yes, those who voted for Brexit even if they didn’t know what they were voting for. You are responsible for it. For the advantages AND for the disadvantages.

Humans, I’m a friendly cat. I like humans, not all of them but the majority. You’re making it really complicated to not wanting to take harsh measures.

In the end, I don’t think that those who are members of the bunch of b..i… are reading my weekly ranting. You need a brain for it.

Female photographer still on strike

See you next Monday and I hope with something positive. Although I fear….Bugger

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2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, 43.rd instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny says: Ausone Ausone! You are a cross cat today! Has the heat got to your whiskers? It is VERY hot here. I have decided to have a chair day. Or two. Yesterday I stayed on the same chair from 8am until 6.45pm. Moved occasionally. Washed the bum area and the paws. That was about it, really. Today I am going out as the New Neighbourhood Kitten thinks it can come into MY GARDEN! Ha! I think NOT! …re Brexit..they won’t ever get it sorted and if you come over here, I can hide you under my blanket …….prrrt………..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kitteny, yup I’m pissed with humans. They think they are intelligent but they aren’t and they don’t get it. Can’t even come to you with the actual legislation. I need to be chipped. I don’t want to. I’ve already a senseless tattoo. Before chips that was what humans were doing to register cats. Could have accepted that but mine is just a tattoo from the shelter I was in. Nowhere registered. So I have a number in my ear. A number that serves nothing. Humans. And you are complaining about the neighbour cat. Defend your garden he or she will learn and accept. Might take some time but with perseverance. You’ll handle that. This not moving thing is fun from time to time. Wait till you get older you’ll do it more often. It still stays a pleasure. Till next week,, btw I don’t hide under blankets. This would be Rashid. He likes that, not me


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