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Good morning, humans. Cat’s back.

Although there is not really anything new to report about, I will start with the weather. To get in the mood before we start the real ranting.

Weather? Not that something that has changed since last week. OK, 2 things.

First, the cave was again flooded. Happens at least once a year. Just 2 centimetres of water in the garage, could have been worse. So it’s done for this year.

Number 2, there was a nice thunderstorm yesterday. Directly above the town or village I’m living in. Was kind of noisy. I was already on the inside. Annoying pure blood was outside. He came in like a flash when the thunder cracked. Was quite impressive, the noise. After the noise there was a lot of rain but no flooding this time.

And now we can start ranting.

The UK voted last Thursday. And they voted 52-48 for Brexit. It’s what humans call democracy. A majority has voted out, so it’s out. And the faster the better. If this would be an ongoing task. Nothing would have changed. Now there is something like a decision and we can hopefully move on. And try to make the best of it.

What was annoying for me as a mere spectator of human follies was, as usual by now, the aftermath.

Lying next to, where my human uses his principle information source, the computer. I couldn’t help but seeing what he was looking at (had to look at). Those who “won’ were mocking those who’ve “lost”. Those who lost wanted (and still want) a rerun. Would they have wanted a rerun if the outcome would have been in their favour?

Young ones, who weren’t eligible to vote. Were complaining that some older people decided about their future. You knew the rules before? You’ve done something before? Those who were complaining about the reaction of the young ones had the fantastic argument that the elder merited their right to vote. Merited what? By being born before a certain date? By not even being present during the production? You can’t possibly mean that they merited it because they fought for the liberation of Europe? Do the math. End of WWII: 8/9 May 1945. Imagine they were 16 years of age at that time. Which means they were born 1929. And thus they would be 87 today. How many are there? And since when you have to merit your right to vote? It’s like having the right to make babies. You were born, you’ve attained a certain age. You are allowed to. No minimum IQ necessary.

Is this good? Perhaps not. But it’s the society that has agreed on it. To change it, you have to negotiate.

And just to show you how complicated this all is. Scotland had its referendum to leave the UK. Majority against. Now with the Brexit vote, the majority of Scotland AGAINST. They want to rerun the referendum on leaving the UK. Do they have a ‘right’ to do this? Very complicated.

Argument against: You had your referendum. Majority wanted to stay, so accept it.

Argument for a rerun: The referendum was based on staying in the EC. Which is no longer the case. Therefore…

I guess this will go on and on for some time.

I’m happy to be a cat. And to show you what I would have voted for. Today’s picture. Better together.

les gros

See you next Monday




2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny writes: Ausone Ausone! I am now the Foreign Minister of the Independent Catdom of Kitteny! I have negotiated dustbin rights with the strange furry cats up the back and the big black one two doors down and I am now sorting out who can visit my garden. They may have to bring suitable gifts.


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