#bookreview ‘Treasure of Saint-Lazare” by John Pearce #TuesdayBookBlog

Today I’m reviewing: « Treasure of Saint-Lazare » by John Pearce

Treasure of Saint-Lazare by John Pearce

Blurb via Amazon:

A hidden treasure. A murderous plot. A love that won’t let go.

Years later, Eddie is still reeling from the brutal murder of his wife and young son. When the captivating Jen shows up with a clue that could lead him to the killers, he can’t resist the hunt —or the chance to rekindle a passionate romance.

Jen and Eddie embark on an international search that takes them deep into the passages and byways of seductive Paris… and their feelings for each other.

Will Eddie finally get the answers he’s always needed, or will he be the next victim of the mysterious painting that led to his father’s death seven decades after it was stolen by the Nazis?

Did I like it?

No doubt about it. Fast paced, believable characters. Interesting plot. Acceptable amount of violence. Neither violence nor sex scenes are over descriptive. Topic exactly what I’m most interested in (WWII aftermath). When the MC gets out of a dangerous situation it’s always believable. No miracles necessary for it

What I didn’t like?

Was over too fast. Would have loved to have more of it to read. End is a bit abrupt but there is a sequel (review the next time, already read!)

Would I recommend it?

If you like thrillers, are interested in what happened after WWII. Monument men. A bit of art history. Read it, you won’t regret ! 19+ out of 20 points.


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