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Hello, humans. No, I won’t complain about the weather again. It’s getting even more boring than usual.

OK, it’s certainly less boring than the other stuff that’s dominating the news at the moment. Football. At least 22 millionaires in short pants, running behind one single ball. And they’re not even always running. Here in Belgium they are exaggerating a bit. Monday morning and they are talking about the possible tactic of their national team in their game against Sweden on Wednesday. Saw cars in the street that have flags on the roof, flags on top of the mirrors. There are even flags on several houses in the road. The publicities in the radio don’t stop with. Something about the supporter in you. Yes, it’s that dumb.

What else? End of the week, the UK may or may not decide to leave the EC. It’s their decision, it is called democracy (at least it bears the name). Because of an opinion, a female politician was killed in the UK. Humans, I’ve already tried to explain to you that killing is only acceptable if you do it for survival. Like me hunting for food, not for pleasure. Killing for an idea (whichever idea, be it a good or a bad one) is, for lack of a better expression, as idiotic as can be. British politics stopped for a week or so, to respect and honour the memory of the killed lady. And this morning, I had to hear the British prime minister. I couldn’t avoid it. Saying something like the lady was a prominent, important and valuable figure in the British parliament. Politicians and honesty, a contradiction in itself. Even if she wasn’t prominent or important would that be an acceptable reason to kill her? Would it be less of a tragedy? Would it?

Something positive?

Yup, we even have that. If I can remember it right, I’ve already mentioned that there are three turtles living in the garden. And one of these turtles is only on visit here. This one went AWOL last week. And this big one called ‘Lulu’ was found yesterday in the garden of the neighbours. Female is now happy, turtle in solitary confinement. Not really, the turtle is now inside the house with 2 guinea pigs that are spending two weeks of holidays. With the rabbit and the already present 3 guinea pigs of Milady. If you are wondering how this could work with a hunter like me present. Remember, I don’t eat (or hunt) family!

Positive development number two. Milady made the acquaintance of the future tenants next door, yesterday. And the rumour that they have a dog is nothing but a rumour. They don’t have one, great. They have a young daughter, something like 10 years old. Too old for a fur-puller. Apparently this kid likes animals, we will see that. If she really does, could be a job for Rashid. Rashid likes and needs human presence. I, have enough to do taking care of MY human.

Milady wasn’t taking new photos. Therefore something from the stock. Yes, Kitteny, another one with me sleeping.

Ausone sleeping.

Take care of yourself humans (and of those who are precious to you). Brits, I would be happy if you stay in the EC. If not? Would be sad but I’ll have to live with it.

See you next Monday





2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny says: Ausone Ausone there is wet stuff falling from the sky. It gets into my fur. I blame the humans. They are currently having the house painted so I am spending a lot of time sitting under next door’s cat scarer or in the bed under the duvet. Don’t want to find myself covered with white paint. Wet stuff falling from the sky is bad enough. Thanks for asking, the tummy upset is better…………pprrrt…………..


    1. You get used to this wet stuff falling from the sky. The farmer who takes care of the field next to the garden is not mowing at the moment. So the grass is quite high. which equals that it’s always wet in the morning. When I come back from the morning stroll I’m always wet up to the shoulders. The onlt thing my human doesn’t really like is when I’m hiding under cars. Got black greasy spots on my back. If I’m coming home with, he’s yelling at me. Wonder why ….?


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