#Bookreview ‘Lords of Honour’ by K.R.Richards #WeekendBlogShare

Book review ‘Lords of Honour’ by K.R.Richards

Lords of Honour by K.R.Ricards 2

Blurb Amazon:

Through no fault of their own, Avalon Society member, Micah Wychcombe, Viscount Wincanton, and Lady Elizabeth “Libby” Darrington find themselves in a compromising situation. Micah offers for Libby out of gentlemanly duty and honor. In another situation that involves honor, fellow Avalon Society member, Lyon Ravenscroft, the Earl of Amesbury, must offer for Miss Sophia Hart.

The Avalon Society soon realizes the mysterious brown-coated men who plagued them recently in Glastonbury are once again pursuing them. It becomes clear the Brown Coats are after their recent finds and acquisitions. The Brown Coat numbers increase and their attacks become vicious. The Avalon Society members discover the leaders of the brown-coated army are anonymous heads of a secret order of powerful men in prominent positions.

When their loved ones and families become targets, the Avalon Society must join forces with the Crown to stop their enemies. Can they discover the identities of the leaders and stop the attacks? Will the two newlywed couples find happiness in their new circumstances?

Did I like it?

If I skip several pages than yes. But unfortunately…

What I didn’t like?

As in book 1 of the series. Too many over detailed absofuckinlutely unnecessary sex scenes. Other participants this time. The four mentioned in the blurb.  In book 1 there were two mentioned in the blurb, in book 2 there are 4 mentioned in the blurb. Which means we are doubling up on sex scenes. And some of them are quite long..

Would I recommend it?

Without the sex scenes? Yes, no doubt. Hist fiction, a bit of supernatural, action. Nice but every x pages. They are f..ing again. To me, it looks like a script for a porn movie. The sex scenes are so unnecessary they are killing the pleasure of the book, completely. I’m afraid I’m just not the right audience for this book


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