#Bookreview: ‘Service for Two’ by Kate Kingsbury, #TuesdayBookBlog

Today I’m reviewing:

SERVICE FOR TWO by Kate Kingsbury

Service for Two K_Kingsbury

Blurb (from Amazon):
The Pennyfoot hides many secrets and its downstairs staff keeps a tight lip, even when the Edwardian aristocrats are spotted dallying with damsels in the boudoirs, or gambling in the forbidden card rooms hidden below the floorboards. Should now and then one of the hotel guests fall prey to a dastardly murderer, however, it is up to Cecily Sinclair to restore order before Scotland Yard steps in and shuts down her infamous seaside hotel.

The whole village of Badger’s End mourns the death of their beloved doctor. Imagine their shock and horror at the funeral when the open casket reveals a stranger’s murdered body. ho is the victim, who killed him and most important of all, where is the doctor’s body? When it’s discovered that the victim had connections to the Pennyfoot, Cecily must find all the answers.

Did I like it ?

Yes. A nice read. Edwardian, no violence, no unnecessary sex. No sex at all. Interesting characters. Leaves a lot open for sequels. Will there be something between Cecily and the new doctor? What’s going on with the love lives of the 2 maids? The cook,Michel? The manager, Baxter, and his promise to the late husband?

What I didn’t like

Was over a bit too soon. Looks like I need some more of it.

Would I recommend it?

If you like Agatha Christie (which I do) then this should be something for you.


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