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Hello, humans. I’m back again. Since last Monday, due to the weather, nothing happened. It’s just not, I don’t know. The calendar (and my human) tells me we are in early June. If you are on the outside, in the garden, inspecting your kingdom, trying to live according to the season. You get the feeling it’s early November. The only thing that’s missing is a bit of snow. OK, we should not exaggerate. But it’s wet, windy and just not warm. Therefore, there’s not much hunting. It’s even to wet for mice. I’m a hunter, not a fisher. Yes, it’s sad and it’s boring. Can’t even supervise my human mowing the lane. He’s not mowing it’s just to wet for that.

So, what do I do the whole day? To be honest, nearly nothing. A quick morning stroll. And as fast as possible back to the terrace to get some protection from the water.  Heard my human yesterday, there are some wind wheels around 500 metres away. On the other side of the highway. He hasn’t seen them for a week. In general, you couldn’t even see the trees on our side of the ditch above the highway. Low hanging clouds, fog, rain. Awful. The Siamese is leaving the house only for emergency business. He starts to prefer “le pipi rustique’. Even he’s learning something.

Although humans think we are sleeping nearly the whole day. And you are not bored while you are sleeping. 2 Things, first we don’t sleep the whole day and second even if we would be sleeping the whole day. From day 2 on this might get boring.

Yes, there is absolutely nothing to do. You can’t do anything. You are on the outside it doesn’t take longer than 15 minutes and you’re wet. The grass is constantly wet, if you stroll in there you get thus wet too. Nothing to hunt. Mice hidden. Birds, a challenge for hunters like me, are somewhere in a more or less dry place. High up in the trees.

This bores the s.. out of me.

Watching my human typing is interesting for a maximum of 5 minutes.

Imagine you’re on the outside. For a change of scenery, you pass to the garden opposite of the house. The farmer is still working. As the fields are wet the wheels of his tractor distribute a lot of mud to the streets. So, when passing from the house to the opposite garden, you’re not only wet you are muddy too. Humans don’t like it all when you get inside the house with paws soaked in mud and mud evenly distributed to your fur. It isn’t my fault.

This reminds me of an evening where I got punished for being on the outside. Not for being on the outside but for what happened when I was outside. At that time I was still living with my human in Germany and we were visiting the female every weekend in Belgium, close to Luxembourg at that time. We arrived as usual Friday evening. Short stroll, doing the necessary. A good night’s sleep. And then I spent the whole of Saturday on the outside. Not really on the outside. I was strolling through a cows stable. Long story short, I arrived back in the house a bit smelly. And then I got “punished”. I had to take a shower and spent the night in the bathroom. I never do that again. Getting washed isn’t that bad at all. But having to spend the night in solitary confinement is NOT funny. I won’t do this again.

Hope I haven’t bored you too much and I definitively hope the weather gets nicer so I have something to tell you.

See you next week.

The photo has to be black and white. Just to show you my mood at the moment. Photo taken, as usual, by the female.

Ausone B&W




2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny says: You SOOO need to visit, Ausone! The sun is shining and I am in pigeon chasing mode. The SIZE of the pigeons around here is amazing! and they are so stupid. I spent most of yesterday stalking them. Nearly got one…nearly….don’t understand how they do this vertical thing….just as you are about to pounce, they take off. Oh – and I found a chop bone by next door’s bin and carried it over the fence to eat in my garden. Sleep? what’s that? Far too busy.

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    1. Good morning Kitteny. Today is better. We had blue sky the whole morning. Was complicated to supervise my secretary writing the notebook entry. Should I or should I go out? Went out, trusted him. Pigeons we have in the tree close to the terrace. On top of this tree there are magpies living. Fun to watch every time one of the pigeons arrives in the tree, there’s one of the magpies coming down chasing the pigeon away. They are noisy in the tree. If one day you happen to get one of the pigeons. It’s either a sick, an old or an extremely dumb one. But go on trying it’s a good training to sharpen your hunting skills. Clouds are coming back, next thunderstorm announced for the late afternoon. Just like yesterday. It’s not cold so who cares, will hunt a while. Maybe, who knows?


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