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Hello, humans.

Today, we will start my weekly outing a tad different. “Thou shall honour thy readers” especially teenagers with beautiful green eyes.

So, Kitteny, my pen pal from the UK, made last week the remark. That I’m always either sleeping or waking up in my published photo.

This is not completely wrong and quite easy to explain. I don’t like to pose for photos. Never was and never will. My preferred photographer (the female human) wants to take the perfect photo, all the time. Or, at least, as close as possible to perfection.  This means I should pose for a photo. I’m not doing this. In general, I move at the last possible moment. Thus ruining the photo for her. To avoid this, the only possibility is taking me on photo when I’m either sleeping or when I have just woken up. This explains why the majority of the “good” photos of me are like they are. My preferred photo, the one where I’m supervising my kingdom, was taken by my favourite human. Without the slightest intention to have a perfect photo. For him, it is not the quality of the photo that is important. It’s the motif.

You can accept this as an explanation, Kitteny? By the way, if you want to see a cat that’s sleeping all the time. The pure breed would be something to look at. He’s sleeping a lot more than I do. OK, this might have something to do with our advanced age. We are no longer teenagers.

Back to actuality. What’s going on in my kingdom? Nothing much, it was raining for the last 48 hours and it still rains. It’s just not funny; I don’t get how my human can go running in weather like this. Besides, I don’t get why he goes running at all. But this is his problem and what is good for him is good for me. So, go running. Have fun. I stay in bed and stock some energy for when it’s better outside.

What else? Although someone told me I should ignore politics. Sometimes I just can’t.

There are a lot of strikes in Belgium, in general, and certainly at the moment. Railway, air traffic controllers, everywhere. The funny thing occurred with the prison guards. They’re on strike for a month, now. The trade unions are negotiating with the justice minister (Lord chancellor in the UK). They arrived at a conclusion, which, as it should be, was necessary to be accepted by the union members. The union members rejected the conclusion, nearly in unison. And the justice minister declared IN PUBLIC. The members don’t have the right to reject the conclusion. You need some serious balls to make a statement like this.

Enough with politics although it’s funny to hear these guys. In general, it just isn’t.

In order to show Kitteny that there are photos where I’m not sleeping. An oldie but a goodie.

Ausone relaxing

See you next week




2 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

  1. Kitteny says: Nice picture. Listen, Ausone, I have to report a CRIME! Last week, the Little Fur Puller’s parent came over and took back a nice cosy carrier that I was using as a bed. Apparently the LFP’s brother needs it. THEY TOOK MY BED AWAY, Ausone!! I told them but they didn’t listen to me! Now I only have the cushion in the lounge, the top of the wardrobe, under the spare bed and on the Writing Chair! Isn’t it OUTRAGEOUS the way we get treated? *prrrrrt …flounce*

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    1. That’s complicated. Humans are bigger and stronger than we are. Your possibilities are quite limited. You can’t punish Fur puller’s parents., you don’t have the necessary constant access. You could train a chain punishment. You punish your female who then punishes the parents. Not working normally. You could occupy another place? Human beds are quite comfy. I wouldn’t recommend. You could just show your superiority? “Someone took away my bed, I will this time accept it. But ONLY this time… ” Humans. What do you expect


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