Mystery Mondays: Amy Metz


I’m delighted to welcome back an old favorite of mine: Amy Metz. Here is my Mystery Monday Interview with her:AmyMetzpic

  1. What type of crime fiction do you write and why?I write cozy mysteries. That came about kind of by accident. I thought I was writing a mystery novel when I started my first book. I’d heard the term “cozy mysteries,” and had even read a lot of them, but I hadn’t given it much thought. I didn’t realize I was writing in that genre until I submitted my manuscript to a small press and the lady said my book was a cozy mystery. I’d say I write them because they’re fun to read and write; I also want my sons and father to read my books; and because I went to Goose Pimple Junction and can’t seem to leave.
  2. Did anyone encourage you to become a writer?I didn’t…

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