Ausone’s notebook, 33.rd instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

Hello Humans. Cat’s back. Won’t ask if you’ve missed me. This time.

So what will we talk about today? Nothing much. Nothing really happened during the last week. The weather got a bit, may I say, less nice. Temperatures have fallen a bit. We have rain every night. It’s a bit inconvenient in the morning. Morning stroll gets a bit wet occasionally. Sleeping time during the night gets a bit shorter. To re-explain: I’m a cat. Which means I hunt either at sunrise or at sunset. Sunset getting later, sunrise earlier. Result: my favourite human get’s less sleep. In general, he’s waiting till I come home in the evening. And it’s not at 8pm anymore. Could be 9pm, could be 10pm. Getting up in the morning is 5am. And it’s every morning 5am. Either he has to get up, alarm clock. Or I’ll make him.

Will this mean that I am not a friendly cat? In no way. First, I can do nothing against it. It’s just nature’s call. I’ll have to. It’s in my blood. I have to hunt. Second, as I don’t see my human hunt. I hunt for him. At least once a year I deliver one of my successes to him. As I’ve never seen him hunt, I’m quite sure his hunting skills are under developed. So, I deliver the prey dead and ready to consume. Isn’t this friendly? Did it last Friday, and it was quite a big one. A root vole. Placed it in front of the back door. As he got out to let me in and prepare everything for the night. He saw it, thanked me. And as I left in the morning, it wasn’t there anymore. So I guess he consumed it.

I did the same thing with the Siamese. But he’s a bit more complicated. If I deliver something to him, he doesn’t know what to do. If I just come home with a still living prey between my fangs. What does he do? He’s trying to steal the prey. Playing with it like a normal cat. And when the mouse is no longer moving, he doesn’t know what to do with it. By the way, this playing thing with our prey. Humans, please do not think that we are cruel. This playing thing is not something that you could compare with your playing. We are not playing with our prey for fun. Even if it looks for you like playing. We are not playing. This is in our genetic program. We are preparing the prey for the final act. Again, we are not playing with it. At least not in the human sense. If you happen to see us play, with whatever. A feather, a piece of string, etc.. It is not playing in the human sense. We are just in training mode. You see us play, we are training for hunting. Even if we never hunted before and maybe never will. Our playing is not for senseless amusing. (By the way, amusing for the sake of amusement is not senseless). Our playing is training, just training. To be ready for the moment X.

And we absolutely do not care if you hunt or not Just let us do our natural thing. If we want to. We’re not forcing you to be something that you aren’t. We expect nothing more than a similar treatment.

As I have “promised” last week, this week’s photo is a photo of me. (was on the brink of writing ‘your loyal servant’, but this would be exaggerated, don’t you think?). Taken by the preferred photographer. Me taking my time, waking up after the morning nap.

Ausone waking up

See you next week




4 thoughts on “Ausone’s notebook, 33.rd instalment #amwriting #mondayblogs #cats #IARTG

    1. Summer? Here it’s …ok spring if you want to. Butterflies, haven’t seen a lot until now. We have flies, bees, wasps. A shit load of dandelions. They are looking nice when they’re still yellow. My human hates ’em. The little path from court to street is full of. And he has to dig them out. Heard that I delivered my annual mouse to my human? Root mole, haven’t seen a bigger one as of now. I still refuse to hunt the moles in the garden. It’s getting better outside, hunting at 5am is fun


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