Full Moon Magic

one day I will find out why the full moon disturbs my sleep, not all the time

Exile on Peachtree Street

Magic and mayhem surround the full moon. The tides move at the will of the glowing orb. It is one of life’s great mysteries, as it chases the sun through the night. Since the dawn of recorded history the moon has enchanted us. We’ve worshiped and studied it. Why are we so fascinated by this celestial body which plays such a prominent role in legends and folklore?

“For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams.” Edgar Allan Poe

What is it about the moon that continues to stir us and, legend says, often drives some to madness? Surely, its power over us is a force of Nature. Associated with the deities Phoebe and Hecate, the Moon remains a source of curiosity.

Those of you who follow me know I’m researching folklore traditions and global mysticisms for my next novel. One of the traditions I’ve been introduced to are Sabian…

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